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1950 - Sun 06 Oct 2019 - Drumtochy Glen - Hare: Pink Panther - Scribe: Prickly Bush

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1950

Sunday 6th October 2019

On On:  Drumtochty Glen

Hare: Pink Panther

When I told Shiggy Dick I was going to Drumtochty he said, “Wear the fox hat” (boom boom) However I decided wet weather gear was the way to go.

It was a dreich day at Drumtochty Glen but despite the weather a good turnout of hashers slowly amassed at the run site wearing various layers of water proof clothing.   The pre-run down down went to Twizzle who, despite having plenty of wide open space to park chose instead to annihilate the only straggling fir tree on the car park.

Pink Panther duly strutted her stuff in the circle, dusting the puddles pink and getting her plea of “not guilty” in early should us hashers not be able to find any flour.  Her defence being that the trail had been laid the day before in dry conditions.  After a night of rain it was anyone’s guess as to what was out there.  She did however take a precautionary measure and had a whispered confab with a FRB before leading the walkers off. 

She needn’t have worried. - It was a fab trail most of which had us running on lovely woodland paths.  There was quite a bit of undulation and some cheeky checks but overall plenty of pink stuff to follow. 

Post run down downs were duly awarded to

·         Hippo for being careless with his hash hat

 ·         Not Dot for thinking a bit of lippy makes it all right, then preferring the au-natural look after all

 ·         Wee Willie and Hippo for being Alice Cooper Fans

·          Bin Liner demonstrating a new cross-country technique

 ·         Skinny Witch for Mamboing with Muff Diver

 ·         Biggles for being a shite husband and abandoning his fair lady on their wedding anniversary

 ·         The Penguin for being left all alone and forgetting his shoes

 ·         Twizzle, Barberella and Long Shanks – free beer??

 ·         Long Shanks for farmyard frolics and colour coordination

 ·         Golden Shower for being an endurance athlete and insisting of walking home after he’d been hare.


Your ‘umble scribe

Prickley Bush

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