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1949 - Sun 29 Sep 2019 - Newtonhill - Hare: Thruppeny Bits - Scribe: Thruppeny Bits

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1949

Sunday 29 September 2019

Newtonhill Park and Choose

Hare & Scribe: Thrupenny Bits

Question time.

Q1. What exactly is Park & Choose?

A. So, apparently, it is similar to Park & Ride, but offers more environmentally-friendly options such as electric bikes. Pity Drillbit didn’t bring his bike. However, we were all lucky enough to have another choice – to hash ….. or not.

Q2. Who didn’t arrive by bus in time for the OnOn?

A. Olymprick. And to compound his ineptitude with buses he sprinted (?) off halfway through the circle to catch a bus that was going in the wrong direction.

Q3. Why was the hare was appointed scribe?

A. Definite error by the hare, who presumed the GM Wee Willie would not allow her to be scribe when she volunteered. Note to self: never assume you know what a hasher will do.

Q4. How many hashers were not seen after the first check?

A. Three. However, by some miracle, after they had scoffed coffee and fancy cakes in the local café, they found their way to the beer check, where they continued scoffing. Ah yes, of course, they had a map. Note to self: never give Shit Boyfriend a map.

Q5. But surely SB knew where the trail went as he must have helped Thrupenny Bits to throw flour around Newtonhill, or maybe carried the beer to the beercheck?

A. He continues to live up to his name.

Q6. How long will the run be?

A. About 10k unless you did a few back checks or followed Barbarella. Apparently that made it about 14k.

Pre-run down downs went to three older hashers who were born in the year of the hash, or two years previously.  Dad Dad, Bag o’Bones, Panty Pockets.

A great turn out – including two new runners, and several old runners who came out of the woodwork. Had they heard that it was going to be a sensational run around the fringes of Cammachmore and Newtonhill?

The map shows where you were, or weren’t. Unfortunately the slugs had had a good feast on the flour that was laid on Saturday – that’s my excuse anyway!

 Down Downs were awarded by Aids to the following:

Bin Liner                        Dog abuse

Longshanks                  not considering twenty pence worth bending down for …  And being a hero and saving one of the new runners

The Penguin                  who brought along Lean against the Wall but then forgot about her

Glasgow                         for thinking the Craft and Ale trail by bus would be easier to do by car, not realising the Craft part of the tour was alcohol, not arts and craft.

Olymprick                      wearing a rugby shirt

Shit Boyfriend               for his contribution (or lack of) towards the haring of the hash

Jen                                 new runner (although already a PAH3 member)

One Liner then took over the role of RA to award the followinDg down downs:

Dad Dad & Fiona              caring daughter looking for sugary drink at beer check for diabetic dad and failing to find one (Fiona’s hash handle remains unwritten)

One Liner                       won a Liverpool scarf at a recent event and offered it to the assembled circle. Bin Liner showed interest for his son. Sergio was quick to shout out: One Liner drinks, all iners drink!

Bin Liner & One Liner   for the above

Next Hot Flash               suggested (and received) a down down for Threesomes birthday. Already a day late as Brunei is hours ahead in time

MCB                               for being recently married but not wearing a ring

Thrupennies                for haring a splendid run. On her own!

Thank you all for coming along and saying you enjoyed the run…..!

The fun continued at the nearby Brewers Fayre.

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