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1946 - Sun 08 Sep 2019 - Duthae Wood & AGPU - Hare: Twizzle - Scribe: Struth

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1947 & AGPU

Sunday 8 September 2019

Hare: Twizzle

The sun shone as around 40 hash stalwarts piled off the bus at a secret woodland location, somewhere near Dunecht. We were welcomed by GM Wee Willie, who introduced Big Jim, long time AH3 hasher, visiting from his life in Perth, Oz. The weather gods smiled on us, courtesy of Olymprick, who got everyone going with a rendition of “Sunshine Mountain”.

The hares, that dynamic duo (?!) Twizzle and Long Shank promised us all a great longish run, with whisky macks and view stops, along with slightly confusing Twizzle instructions about running through a back check to get to the short trail.

On On we started, up through St Mary’s woods which Twizzle informed us will disappear in  3 weeks, and he got special permission to run there. The hash slips, trips and flips were evident when Sergio managed a handstand trying to stop sliding into a tree, and Skinny got stuck in branches that had to be climbed over along the way. My vote went to a topless Hippo, making the most of the weather (nothing to do with impressing the ladies he said!)

The trail continued on up through the woods, bringing us out to the splendid views from the trig point at the top of Hill of Fare. We were treated to whisky, Crabbies, ginger ale and some welcome water. (That was the last sensible drink I had all day…). Great chance for multiple hash group photos for all the Facebook followers.

We all headed off downhill and through the woods, later on to be met by Underlay who had overstretched his hamstring and headed to the bus, along with Fifi and Sir Deadmund. JC, Not Dot and I stuck with the whole trail, and emerged into the sun at Sunhoney Farm!

The bus driver parked up, out came welcome drinks, and hash circle ensued. Various down downs were given, including a knobbly-knees vote off, which was won by Big Jim with his “alien sticky knees”. Flaps got a mention for starting the newest hash – PAH3, which is Portlethen Academy Hash House Harriers. Now she’s got an even bigger reputation to live down as she’s got teachers and pupils chasing her around on Wednesday afternoons.

Into the circle stepped Olymprick, eating humble pie saying that he had doubts beforehand, however both Eurohash and Nash Hash had been very successful events, organised by Aberdeen hashers. Down downs went to Little Shit, Sharnie, Hippo, Ballerina and Flaps taking one for Cockatool.  Down downs to Twizzle and Long Shank for a great run.

Onto the bus and On Inn to Hippo’s garden, we all sat drinking our fill in glorious late summer sun. Hippo took BBQ orders, including some spicy black pudding, especially for Flaps!!  Wee Willie gave his GM’s thank you’s to all hashers who had set, hosted and run hashes this year. His stats, before he got soaked by Canna Be Arsed, were:

Each run averaged 35 runners, money in AH3 bank account at start of year just over £1,500, money now in bank account approx. £2,500. Surplus mainly due to less drinking, more driving at hashes, leaving a good amount in hand for Aberdeen 2000th in August 2020!

The AGM got started, with One Liner doing his familiar stint as MC, with Brexit references and occasional calls of “Order, order, order” John Bercow style, to the assembled hashers. Thanks and Down downs went to the outgoing committee – Wee Willie, Aids, Sharnie, Twizzle, Pink Panther, Golden Shower, Roger Me Moore & Little Shit.

·         Incoming AH3 committee for 2019 – 2020 are:

·         Grand Master – Wee Willie

·         Joint Master – Cinders

·         Hash Cash – Glasgow  (thanks to Sharnie for her great service)

·         On Sec / Edit Hare – Little Shit

·         Head Hare  – Pink Panther

·         Hash Beer – Drillbit, Muff Diver(Not Dot for gluhwein)

·         Soc Sec – Grande Vitesse, Not Dot

·         Song Master – Bag of Bones

There followed a selection of Down downs, which due to my enjoyment of the whisky, Crabbies and cider earlier, plus fizz and wine at the On Inn were something like:

·         Hashit – to JC for setting his “falling off a log” run in June

·         Best Run and On inn – T Rex Cock and T Rex Hen

·         Wettest run – JC and Fifi, redeemed by lovely hot food

·         Best Runs / Scribes – Twizzle, Longshanks, Rats and Muff Diver

·         Worst Scribe – Hippo (does everything else, but not scribe), Barbarella

·         Front Running Buggers at AGM run – Hippo, Barbarella

·         Front Running Babes at AGM run – Cinders, Bag of Bones

·         Get a Life! Over 1,000 runs – Hippo, JC and Little Shit

·         Most hares that year – Pink Panther, Twizzle, Wee Willie

·         Falling Over – Sir Deadmund Hillary, Little Shit and Wee Willie

·         Shit Happens – Little Shit, Sharnie and Hippo, having to climb over gates to get into Nash Hash, which they were organising!!

·         AGM hares and On Inn – Twizzle, Longshanks and Hippo for splendid BBQ food!

After this, it gets a bit hazy – my scribbles have something about Ballerina giving down downs to Sergio, something about cycling, and Hippo having new shoes.

All too soon, we were back on the bus, heading for home after a brilliant day of hash fun and frivolity. All except for Haggissimo who woke up for the AGPU at 9.30pm!! Olymprick was last seen in Perth bus station, having slept through his stop in stonehaven!

Cheers and On On!


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