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1945 - Sat 07 Sep 2019 - Duthie Park - Hares: Haggissimo & Red Stripe. - Scribe: Tiger Feet

Aberdeen Hash Houser Harriers

Run 1945

Saturday 7th Sept 2019

Duthie Park

Hare: Haggisimo and a missing Red Stripe

At 11:00 on Saturday 7th September a select few people gathered for an Oor Wullie Hash

 The circle was brought to order and Horrible Histories were thrust upon us.

The end of WW2, in Germany, with Eva and Hitler committing suicide in their bunker.

The first atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki, Hiroshima

Microwave oven invented.

The rest of the beer can DownDown was awarded to Big Jim for returning, because Aids did not want to drink it this week.

Golden Shower was awarded his mug and DownDown for 250 runs. (Well done that man, Ed)

 Over to the hares, only one (Red Stripe was missing).  She got the blame for there being no Beer Check nor Sweetie Check on the run.

 The small pack then set off to find Oor Wullies. 

After a very short run 21 minutes the pack arrived back having not seen a trace of any Wullies, they must have been collected in the night, or stolen.

As this was the shortest run in AH3’s history, I believe it is my duty to make this the shortest Scribe in AH3 history.


·         Golden Shower arrived 20 minutes after everyone else, was awarded a downdown for trying to find a longer hash.

·         Big Jim for running the last 100 yards.

·         Biggles, NotDot and Big Jim for looking stunning in their clean, black, 200 run Sweatshirts.

·         Pig Iron then corrected Sir Dedmund on his Horrible History.  Something about his birth year, the atomic bombing and microwaves all being connected. Google it if you want.

·         The Hare Haggisimo for setting such a short run without Wullies, Red Stripe must have them all.

·         Golden Shower, Sir Dedmund and Barbarella for representing Mearns Hash on this joint run?

 It was then on to the coffee shop or the Globe to watch the rugby.

 Your Scribe

Tiger Feet


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