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1944 - Mon 02 Sep 2019 - Bridge of Feugh - Hare: Prickly Bush - Scribe: SauerKraut

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1944

Monday 2nd Sep 2019

Falls of Feugh, Banchory

Hare: Prickly Bush

Since our GM Oor Willie forgot to bring a pen, he announced that he was looking for a young, fit hasher with a good memory for the honourable job of scribe. No risk for me I thought and kept on talking, but I couldn’t have been more wrong  and got the job. Although I was a bit proud to fit his description, I am also realistic enough and I put it down to his road running accident or of course, a case for Spec Savers.

02nd September was the last Monday run of the year and even the weather gods were on our side: after wind and drizzle during most of the day it got a bit warmer towards the evening with the sun coming out to suit the occasion.  With ca 40 hashers it was another busy event with one newcomer, ‘Left or Right Tit’, he wasn’t quite sure, but we’ll establish the real nature during the following runs. There was also a returner, the first meetup recruit, quite a young blond girl with frisky hair.

The run by Prickly Bush wasn’t too prickly but very nice through the undulating woods south of Banchory starting at the Falls of Feugh car park. It was a real cross country run almost entirely on soft ground, possibly a candidate for the best run of the year? Although some back checks were quite nasty, but we managed, particularly if you went the opposite direction of Barbarella. He had the nag to get it wrong almost every time, particularly towards the end, when we ended up on a road and he went together with Tim just opposite to the way in. First the hashers followed quite sheepishly, but realised the mistake after a while and turned round. A GPS can be handy sometimes.

The hares provided some nosh on the run side and soon after we started the circle with the hash history. Since we didn’t want to get stuck in the woods due to nightfall, we postponed it to after the run. And a wise decision it was. Our history man didn’t go for well-known world moving events in 1944 (e.g. Royal Air Force gunner Nicholas Alkemade fell 5,500m (18,000 ft) out of a Lancaster bomber without a parachute over Nazi Germany and survived, or  the escape of 76 Allied officers from Stalag Luft 3 (well known as the ‘Great Escape’, or of course D-Day as the 156,000-strong Allied Expeditionary Force lands in Normandy). No, the history man kept to rather intimate details of hash insider stories and was proud to announce that ‘The Penguin’ was born in 1945. After he realized that he was a year out, our witty historian elaborated further and calculated even without an iPhone that, although his birthday was in July 1945, it was highly likely that he was conceived on 2nd September 1944. Wow, we were all speechless, including The Penguin. No wonder our history man is a highly sought after consultant all over the world. Our Pink Panther had also a birthday last Saturday, so she joined The Penguin for a down-down. 

Apparently 2 people got lost lately, Twizzle in the borders region, and our Captain, you guessed, in the sea. It was the Southern Sea I was told, a big enough water body I presume to lose sight of the coast line. I can’t remember what Twizzles excuse was, but I suppose it was too many beers.

Blagger got a down-down for almost getting the mountain rescue alerted and Olymprick for forgetting a motorcycle helmet, which was given to him to safe keep. Bruce Almighty and Olymprick announced the demise of an old Aberdeen hasher , Ken, God bless him. Of course the hares got a down-down too.

I may forgotten some sinners since I didn’t get a pen and, though I am still young of course, but possibly not as young as our GM had in mind. And I had to go for some private business, when I got a shock of a life time. It was pitch black by then and I found a suitable spot, when the girl with the frisky hair showed up out of nowhere. I composed myself and she was a bit anxious, asking me where we are and explained that her boyfriend wants to pick her up. I was tempted to say west of the Isle of Skye, but could refrain and gave her the proper location much to her (and her boyfriends) delight.


Well, that was run 1944, and on-on to our AGM coming Sunday, your scribe of the day Sauerkraut.

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