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1943 - Sun 1st Sep 2019 - MIdmar - Hare: Sergio - - Scribe: Aids

Aberdeen Hash Houser Harriers

Run 1943

Sunday 1st Sept 2019


Hare: Sergio


I heard some distressing news whilst out on the piss on Friday night (Pink Panther’s 3rd 40th Birthday drinks at No. 10 in case you’re wondering).  Apparently, Gusset (aka Herr Clipboard) recently reported Twizzle as MIA (Missing in Action) – as he hadn’t been home in two weeks that is perhaps not altogether surprising!

Twizzle was reported as having been spotted in various locations across the length and breadth of Scotland, but was eventually found wondering around, glassy eyed and looking dazed and confused, somewhere in the Borders. (his normal state. Ed.) He didn’t seem to know who he was, where he was or what the f—k he was doing there. However, due to his confused state and his total lack of co-ordination his rescuers were pretty sure they’d found the right bloke as that fitted Twizzle’s description perfectly.

He was in time returned to the bosom of his family who, as you can imagine, welcomed him home with open arms!!!

Anyway, now that he has recovered somewhat, it seems that, provided he is on his very best behaviour, he’ll be allowed out to a hash event once every other year!

As he is hare for AGPU A-B run, I assume that he’ll be sneaking out under cover of darkness next Saturday to set it!

Anyway, Twizzle – do hope you make it out. Be good to get a hand with the down-downs and you never know you may just be up for an award yourself. I have to say that it sounds like outstanding hash conduct to me and in the very best spirit and tradition of hashing away from home.  Well done (I do hope it was worth it and the scars heal soon!)!

The run:

It was a run, in the sun (mostly) on a Sunday and it was fun.  Enough? No – apparently not.

Small select group turned up and managed to squeeze into a very tight car park.

Pre run down-down went to Aids for having done 1050 runs (hurray!).

Sergio said was short run and set the pack off then handed maps to the walkers (4 between 7 of us and we still managed to take a wrong turn!).

Walk was nice though over some of the same very rough ground as the runners on the main trail. Several fallers but fortunately not Wee Wilie who was nursing his broken rib (after falling on the Aberdeen 10k last week he got up and carried on to record a PB – what a hero!). Guess the runners trail was okay also as no complaints.

On the way to the beer check picked up The Penguin who had snuck back to the cars. Beer was near a standing stone, which looked like a huge knob (no naked druids dancing round it though).

Back to the circle for a few down-downs and then an excellent spread laid on by Sergio (better than Subway).

AGPU – is next Sunday – get your nominations in for awards now!!! Send suggestions to Wee Willie or Aids.

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