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1938 Mon 29 Jul 2019 - Dunottar Woods - Hare: Underlay - Scribe: Haggissimo

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1938

Monday 29th July 2019

Dunottar Woods

Hare: Underlay

 All started well.

Smurf kindly offered to keep the Haggi Baggy in safe keeping.

We circled up.

Knowing the significance of R*n 1938 the finest hash regalia was dug out from attics, basements, back o the wardrobe etc. The hashers were then asked to name their 'Mother Hash' and unsurprisingly there were some far flung places mentioned. All captured on video by Sir Dedmund.

And then the Sh*t Hit The Fan.  LS 'awarded' me the Scribe jacket and horn.

 Oh F*ck, guess I’d better r*n (I was going to anyway as it was 1938 after all). Honest.

I made it to the first check. Soon after finding myself on higher ground, looking down on the pack, I smugly smiled to myself knowing that I was on a short cut.

 I found a back check and ignored it .. Coz that's what experiences hashers do ... right??

Wrong, I was soon lost but vaguely new the area so wondered aimlessly until I came across the river crossing. Markings were not kicked through so I waited ... and waited ... and got fed up waiting for the pack.

So I kicked on ... and got lost again ... found trail again ... ignored another checkback ... got lost again ... maybe I should've checked down the stairs at the last check ??

By this time I’d been wondering aimlessly for about 2 hours and becoming dehydrated after the afternoon pub crawl with Olymprick. I was up a hill so I headed downhill, found the City Centre and headed for The Ship Inn. No hashers to be found and since I had no bag meant I also had no money or keys. No option but to sit on the harbour wall and wait.

Just as the mild panic set in a saviour arrived by the name of DrillBit. Saviour 2 arrived soon afternoon, my afternoon drinking companion, and I was reunited with the Haggi Baggy.

In 30 years o hashing I've never missed a circle (honest guv) and to do it on r*n 1938 was indeed a Right Cock-Up.  Several hashers by the name of Flaps thought I'ld abandoned the hash and found a pub.  So lacking anything suitable to write I turned to my hashmates.

Olympics meagre offering is as follows;

BA and O were first to the beer, without a map.

The two new girls fell for it when we chanted,

"next to the skin".

The Penguin was somewhat more helpful.

Pre run words from The Penguin to explain the significance of the year 1938 in the hashing world, how the Hash got it's name HHH and note of how it has grown today from that simple beginning.

Recognition by Haggisimo of the varied extent of Mother Hashes of the present membership of AH3 to prove the worldly aspect of hashing today. Some rather old t-shirts had been brought out from the basement or loft.

This was indeed a good run. A wander through Dunottar Woods, down hill to town, along the boardwalk to the harbour, up the cliff towards Dunottar Castle though most shortcut via the war memorial then by road to the old radio station for the beer stop and back home. It was predictable if you know Stonehaven and shortcuts were inevitable. (Ed's note .. even I know the trail went there ... we saw it from the car in the afternoon :-)

It was also made all the more enjoyable by the good weather.

The Circle was fun and varied thanks to the input and involvement of many.

I can't remember all the down downs but Ballarina's story about Hippo was hilarious.  Hippo had been cycling for miles hoping for a beer at various hasher's homes only to find no-one at home. He finally found Ballarina at home quite happy to join in some beer drinking but forgot that dinner was in the oven and eventually ruined.    

Shit Boyfriend was in for something but I can't remember what.

Somebody had wet his trousers but again I can't remember who.

This is why Hash Scribe should be in the circle with paper and pen to note things as they happen. The memory fails after 24 hours.

We had a toast to the passing if Kenny ex P of W (Ed - who hosted Ass Titty for many a year).

DD to leavers Hardcase and Dynamo who were leaving for Perth WA the following morning.

I hope this helps but will be in touch if I remember anything else.

Hopefully Olymprick can recollect more.

Good luck.

The Penguin

Ed ... lessons learnt

1) respect the backchecks

2) don't be a smartarse and try to find the trail by car

3) don't go on a pub crawl before the hash

4) make your way back to the circle any which way but lose, especially if your dosh, keys etc are with another hasher.

ON... ON....

Your scribes