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1937 - Mon 22 Jul 2019 - Hazelhead Park - Hare: More Butt - Scribe: Long Shanks

On a near perfect mid Summers evening, with the temperature poking a respectable 24 degrees, an eager hash pack of seasoned, new and returning hashers assembled and formed a near perfect Summer Solstice circle, impressing GM Wee Willy very much.

There was a near unanimous rejection of the horrible history of 1937, however Sheikh (Sir) Deadmund (Hill-ary) latched onto the feint voice of a lone hasher that may have said yes. Who was that hasher? 1937 was the year of the Hindenburg passenger airship disaster, which caught fire as it attempted to dock on its mooring pole, at a US Naval Base in New Jersey. It was destroyed within 30 seconds. 36 died in the tragedy and remarkably 62 survived. Prior to this the Hindenburg had made 10 successful trans Atlantic crossings in 1936. Post Circle Comment: Goebbels had unsuccessfully attempted to rename the airship the Adolf Hitler. It was alleged Aberdeen buses are now adopting similar hydrogen based technologies. Taxi!

Pre Down Downs

  1. Newbies - Always great to see & welcome new faces at the Hash and four newbies were shepherded into the circle for intros and welcomes: Eveready’s daughter (name missed) and lively dog (Jonah), Matthew, Gillian & Brunei Hasher Seldom Bens with Pickle the dog (Pickle was later to show a healthy disrespect for the Hash with 2 vomits after eating grass - OnOn)
  2. Returner Tony was rewarded, woops didn’t catch where he had been or his Hash name - Editor! (I don’t have the hearing capability, so generally make it up. Ed.)
  3. Summer wear was prevalent from the Hash fashionista’s and AIDS nominated Roger Me More to receive the Summer Style award down down. Work it baby.
  4. Noted, Eveready’s last day of plaster cast - though no down down.

 Hare Stuff

Watch out as there are real runners in the Park, also lots of horse shit, a combined beer and sweetie check. 4 spots of flour all placed on the left hand side of the trail and you’re On and no idea how long the run is. Noted that flour may be scarce due to heavy rain last night. Quips were heard about Barbarella’s I’ll fated run last week. Surely not 2 in a row was the murmur?

Hash 1937

It soon became clear that last nights heavy rain had indeed taken its toll on the flour trail and at times needing a keen eye to spot the friendly flour. Some fake news shouts led the pack heading in the wrong direction a couple of times early on, causing front runners to become front walkers and keeping the pack together. The lack of obvious flour led to comments of follow the horse poo, 4 wiffs and you’re On. The general confusion allowed the hare to move ahead of the pack and lay a fresh trail for us to follow for a while, making life easy once more. Some Abandoned car seats provided interest half way round. After completing another yet another clockwise loop of Hazlehead golf course FiFi was prompted to muse if this was a Northern Hemisphere plug hole phenomenon. Blagger took her Hash shoe off to clear stones, but it was taken up the trail by a care free cheeky hasher - maybe One Liner? Back in the Park wood carvings of spiders, squirrels and the Gruffallo with friend mouse were found. The latter being particularly attractive for impromptu Hash photo shoots. Oor Wullie was spotted too, the cartoon one.

In the aftermath ELO’s song Confusion was recalled by One Liner...interesting lyrics

Everywhere the sun is shining.

All around the world it's shining.

But cold winds and rain blow across your trail.

Confusion--it's such a terrible shame.

Confusion--you don't know what you're sayin'.

You've lost your trail and you just can't carry on.

You feel there's no-one there for you to lean on.

Discussed the Nash Hash red dress run with Struth and she rather generously offered scribe (Long Shanks, nee Shags) her red dressing gown for the run. First fitting this weekend).

The walkers were not named and shamed in the circle, however it was noted by the hare MoreButt that 18/22 chocolate bars had disappeared or been hoovered up by them - surely not walkers? Or should that be scoffers?

Little Shit, the hash sage mentioned there is a correlation between good weather and hash run of the year, so who knows!

Post Run Down Downs

  1. Last week some people pissed off before the circle, taking some hashers belongings with them. You know who you are - down down to follow
  2. A horny Harriette was shamed for taking sneaky photos of hot roofers - Thruppenny Bits was brought into the circle and only the fittest & finest male hashers were summonsed into the ring to strip to the waist for Thruppenny’s entertainment (Matthew newbie. Papa Smurf, Toy Boy Tom, Ballerina, Tonto, Little Shit and the Penguin were then judged out of 10. Thruppenny Bits finding Matthew newbie to be the hottest on show with a sizzling 7/10, narrowly pipping a slightly miffed Papa Smurf on 6.5/10. The Penguin came up the rear on 2/10, but that’s still better than Shit Boyfriend, lol.
  3. Twizzle called out the Hash phone user who can’t leave it alone. Said hasher called his mum during the Hash and was duly reprimanded with a down down. The shameless Barbarella video’d himself with a live feed of his down down to the all too familiar tune of ‘he’s useless...’
  4. Jonah and Pickle new Hash dogs were made welcome. Established Hash dog Boston ‘more than a feeling’ introduced himself to Jonah by licking his dick in front of AIDS, who didn’t know where to look. Fee Fee took the down down on behalf of her adventurous gender fluid spaniel
  5. Threesome new dog Pickle (handler Ben), returner Barbarian and Matthew were given down downs for being new
  6. One Liner made it to his first Monday Hash this season and marked the occasion by wearing the same tartan shirts as Twizzle
  7. Orienteer (Mrs Freeze) was given a Down down for stripping down to a rather revealing 2 layers. It was hot though!
  8. Hash hungry and tanned holiday makers Not Dot and Biggles jetted in from Minorca to Home at a quarter to 6 and still made the Hash. Down Down well deserved. Biggles was later to show off his tan line with a change of under garments next to his car, cruelly exposed to the public as scribe drove away.
  9. Twizzle picked up that rather a lot of grumbling was going on trail. The chief grumblers were routed Cinders & Tonto made the Gruffalo look happy. Down Down.
  10. AIDS once the pinnacle of sartorial elegance was down down’d for wearing a loosely fitted long T-shirt some say looked more akin to a tent.
  11. Hare MoreButt given a flour management lesson by AIDS - flour on trees make lasting relationships.


8th September - AGM / AGPU at Hippo’s. Committee positions would be open. Wee Willie asked if people would pre-consider a post. (Struth queried if hashers would finger a position on the committee).

Nash Hash - Toy Boy Tom and Ballerina need a Nash Hash volunteer to assist him guide walkers through a trail. A Friendly face preferred to guide the weary walkers away from wrong turnings.

Next Aberdeen Hash by Underlay - Donnoter Wood, Stonehaven.


Shanks of great length

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