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1934 - Mon 08 Jul 2019 - Echt. - Hares: Smurf & Pappa Smurf. - Scribe: FiFi

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run No 1934

Mon 8th July 2019

OnOn: Echt Football Club

Hares:   Smurf and Papa Smurf

An unusually large AH3 pack gathered on a dry summer’s evening in the car park for Echt AFC. I lingered too long by my car sorting out the dog whistle, dog lead, doggy biscuits, etc and found myself unjustly handed the Scribe horn and vest.

Aids held forth in the circle asking who thought they might have done 25 runs. Although a large number of hashers volunteered to accept a new t-shirt, the pre-run down-down and t-shirt went to Papa Smurf instead.

The Hares informed us the trail was 5 miles long with sweeties near the beginning and beer near the end but no short cuts (that’s impossible, I thought). Th ere was reportedly a map for walkers. The pack set off eastwards and the walkers gathered round to inspect the “map” – in reality a cartoon bearing little resemblance to anything on the ground. Being one of the walkers, I have no idea where the trail went and the runners were apparently dismayed that no horn accompanied them to guide them.

The walkers had a stroll through the new housing estate, across the fields, past the sewage works and round the wood – ahh, except for Olymprick, who decided to skip the sewage works and wood and thought he would nip down the pub for a beer. The pub doesn’t open on a Monday though..…..

After imbibing beer in the Hare’s back yard, the walkers ambled back to the cars, where they were joined, in due course, by the runners.

Down-downs were awarded (and apologies to anyone I’ve missed, but there were an awful lot of them) to:

Roger Me Moore – for her recent birthday (25 again!)

Glasgow (Log Lady) – for her strange reluctance to cross a little wooden footbridge to the sweetie check

High Maintenance – for leading Aids astray on the hammock at the beer check

Ballerina – for putting alcoholic beer in the non-alcoholic beer crate

Olymprick – for asphyxiating a shrew in the course of taming it

Wee Willie – for falling over a log, but worse, giving the hash horn to a walker

Yours truly – for explaining how intelligent Boston the springer spaniel real ly is (Aids didn’t buy it)

Smurf – for not only taking part in a Triathlon at the weekend, but then winning it

Smurf – for awarding Kudos to Ballerina on the Strada app when he posted his epic 1 min and 11 secs cycle ride (maybe you need to have the App to appreciate that one)

Fireflaps – for castigating her child (Nuggets) for cutting the sleeves off his t-shirt

Olymprick – the Palestine, for not having heard of Ali Bain or Phil Cunningham

George, Tongue Lasher, Tonto and Hello Sailor – for being Absent

And finally, the Hares.

The On-Inn was held at the Hare’s ab ode where I’m sure some excellent grub was served.

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