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1930 - Mon 10 Jun 2019 - Monymusk - Hares: JC & FiFi - Scribe: Canna-dae-that

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1930

Monday 10 June 2019


Hares: JC & FiFi

The below may win a prize for being the shortest and least informative Hash report in the history of Aberdeen HHH.

So I’m double spacing and writing it in a large font to fill it out.  I’m also typing very slowly as I know some members aren’t fast readers.

Good turn out on a pleasant June night in Monymusk, Deer Park!

2 new runners whose names I omitted to get.

(Note to self; perhaps if I’m cr@p at this, I won’t have to do it again.   Although, it doesn’t seem to have stopped other people).  (Practice makes perfect. Ed).

Presentations were made to:

  • Struth (800 runs, take a rest. Ed) of a personalised folding chair and,
  • Hippo for 1111 runs, a  XXXX of a drinking hat, a pensioner stroller, a monogrammed cycle jacket and the biggest hip flask I have ever seen.  Rumour has it that it was modelled on the Queen Mother’s personal one.

Run got off to a good start.  However a new hash event was soon discovered to join those old favorites of Heading the Shot and Catching the Javelin of Falling off the Log which took Eveready, Sir Deadmund Hillary and Glasgow for an impromptu visit to Aberdeen A&E.  Where Sir Deadmund Hillary’s condition was described as “Satisfactory” (Glasgow asked for a second opinion).  Unfortunately, Eveready and Glasgow had a broken wrist each as there was a special offer on.

Those remaining made an effort to drink the out of date beer at the Beer & Sweetie stop; JC insisting that is was still palatable.

 Down Downs awarded to.

·         Hello Sailor – visitor (possibly long term) from China.

·         FiFi – managed to get lost in a Monymusk housing estate on the way to the hash.

·         Long Shanks – managed to find the start of the run that is schedule for two weeks’ time.  (A miserable reason for tuning up late. Ed)

·         New Runners – for being virgins.

·         JC & FiFi – good trail, apart from the dodgy log and deep ditches.


See below for more A&E adventure stories.

In best Tradition the rest of the Hash carried on with a successful run and then on in to a warm reception with glorious food at JC and FiFi’s house.

Where JC’s Birthday was celebrated in true style.



1930 splinter group 

As there were two separate runs tonight and we didn’t have the nominated scribe with our group, I thought I should chip in and do the honours.

Early on some of the runners decided to follow an Alternative Route Idea (ARI) instead of sticking with the main group, some would say they were barking up the wrong tree, but they would not be told. 

This involved the use of tree cars being used, one being dropped off at Sir Deadmond’s house until it was established he was fit to drive. It’s beginning to sound like an A to B run but no it was an A,n,E run. On arriving at the start point the root map was consulted Glasgow and Eveready decided on the direct straight line root, and Arlene kindly tagged along to keep an eye on them as did Eveready’s daughter.  Sir Deadmond took the long root. The other hashers, Thrupenny Bits, Panty Pockets and Shite Boyfriend hung around at the start point waiting for them to complete the trail. 

While waiting for the runners to return we chatted idly, and raised more than a few eyebrows at some of the people that frequent this run site. In fact we were grateful that our runs are held on Monday night rather than Friday or Saturday!! 

After a long wait Sir Deadmond rejoined us even thought he had taken the long root according to the map. He seemed normal, well as normal as he gets anyway, and fit to drive. Although we were assured there was no beer check on the run Glasgow and Eveready still got plastered and weren’t going to complete the run for some time. Knowing they were in good hand T Bits and I decided they had all been barking mad and it was time to go home!

On a serious note, get well soon girls, take care x 

Shite Boyfriend

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