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1926 - Mon 13 May 2019 - Scolty Woodlands - Hare: Wee Willie - Scribe: Rats


Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1926

Monday 13th May 2019

Scolty Woodlands

Hare: Wee Wllie

Arrived courtesy of Pink Panther in her rather splendid soft top - definitely bit more luxurious and quieter than my eco-friendly Defender.

Motley crew of Hash Aristocracy at Scolty - definitely a VERY high average runs per harsher, even if reduced by Rats who has not yet made 150, though HOPEFULLY getting closer 😀😀

Circle began with Down Down to Little Shit for his MAGNIFICENT efforts on new web site, apparently per SHARNIE  has impacted on something called “Housework “ ?????? Must confess would appreciate advice on what this constitutes as unfamiliar with word or concept. Must be a new “Woke Word”........., complimented MRs T on Hippo’s “manly” beard - think ??? Heard her mutter “looks like child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bangbang””

Trail commenced with your Scribe carrying the asthmatic horn.  Ended up meeting pack descending Scolty while ascending to rescue a Princess who was apparently in distress after she had consulted a group of fairies at the summit. She had asked them to use their magic wands so that she could meet a charming Prince who would be a loving fiancé then a caring financially generous husband. She told me tearfully that apparently whilst do magic they could not perform miracles!!!!!!  Did get her mobile number though......

 A magnificent evening, fabulous well-floured trail with sweeties and well located Beer Check finally returned to the car park.

 Post Run Circle memories/Down Downs

 * Barbarella for looking too French - red and blue clothing with white albino legs

* Undeserved vile chocolate beer to Pink Panther SHAME

* WHINGER for irregular attendance- maybe RA does not realise Shell Pension does not stretch to 52 hash run fees per annum!!!!!!! Maybe a Shell discount to be considered..

* NOT DOT modelled the EC spare gilet size L before auctioned off to RATS for Mrs Rats upcoming birthday gift. Clearly demonstrating NOT DOT is petite not large

* TWIZZLE for advising a new runner she was slower than THE PENGUIN who he thought was almost 80 (surely a downright lie??)

* WEE WILLIE obviously as Hare for a magic evening including generously supplying great butties plus fruit


Other memories

* Volunteers needed for organising AH3 200th August Bank Holiday 2020

* EVEREADY organising a strawberry tart event for a good cause 8th June?? What person can resist a “fruity” tart?

* Scolty Tower IS NOT reputedly dedicated to an aristocrat called Burnett - was advised by 4 honest-people, lawyer, politician, accountant and an estate agent is dedicated to 6 English Christian missionaries burned at top for venturing too far north into Pagan lands in 10th century. Apparently changed history to make more PC and tourist friendly


Run Score 10 / 10

 Without Prejudice


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