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1925 - Mon 06 May 2019 - Stonehaven - Hares, Fire Flaps, Crasbbit Quine & Bert - Scribe: Wee Willie

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run: 1925

Monday 6th May 2019


Hares: Fireflaps, Crabbit Quine, Bert

Turning-up two minutes late was never going to end well, even for the GM, so hence these good words (I blame Smiler’s plumber- arriving unannounced to fix the plumbing on a hashing evening is never acceptable).

Gathering as usual in Stonehaven Square, pre-run DD from our illustrious RA Twizzle to Thrupenny Bits, for 950 runs or thereabouts (well done that Harriette! Ed). Two new runners, one young one old(er), and happy to report they both made it back to circle.

So, OnOn along the beach, an enthusiastic Cannae Be Arsed leading the pack, catching-up with walkie-talkies, short-cutting as usual. Muffdiver in charge of High Maintenance’s mutt, which was spotted petrifying local hounds.

Route took us past the tennis courts, over the road, past the field where Stony Beer Festival will be (note to self- get a ticket). At this point Fire Flaps lay on a bit of a display, or maybe it was Bert (as was near Mackie Academy)- fire on trail! Do not fret, Fireman Sam and his friends turned-up, and no doubt put it out, but us hashers didn’t hang around to find out, we had trail to find.

Classic hashing terrain followed, hill, forest, nettles, bog, shiggy, slippy, water (to be crossed twice). Excellent route. Crabbit Quine reported to have lost a shoe crossing first burn. TBT enjoying the wet stuff, enticing others to follow. Bit hazy after this, I must have been talking to folk and/ or not paying attention. I do remember Sir Deadmund Hill-Ary shortcutting to avoid the shiggy.

Memory kicked-in again with the big hoose, looking very majestic. Prickly Bush spotted running back from off trail, a bit risky, but decided to follow her on the assumption she knew where she was going.

By this point I was pretty far behind, muscles complaining after my exploits on BH 10K on Sunday (60 minutes 52 seconds, since you ask) (Still beating your age then! JUST.  Well done. Ed). Found Golden Shower & Biggles, where there are hashers there is surely trail.

Followed Redstripe’s advice and headed for scout hut for the beer check- much to the janitor’s surprise, no hashers here, but he made a mean cup of tea. It transpired that beer check was behind the scout hut somewhere, so go there, to find no beer. So onon through Stony, including a rabbit-warren of streets, including going past Fire Flap’s house, no hashers there, obviously we’re now banned.

Following the pretty River Carron to the town centre and beers. Did you know that Stonehaven, like Aberdeen, has two rivers? Carron in the south of the town, Cowie Water to the north. And we saw both on the hash today.

Before DDs Sir Deadmund Hill-Ary insisted on sharing this week’s horrible history- did you know that by 15 years of age you’ve seen 200,000 murders? All on TV of course. So this is all to do with TV starting up in 1925. So now you know.

DDs (as this point writing becomes undecipherable, so may have missed some...)

Haggissimo & Olymprick - something about drinking coffee, or maybe it was not drinking coffee

Prickly Bush- for getting wet

Crabbit Quine - for being a crabbit quine and hence a new naming and for bringing Josh to the run.

T-Rex Cock- for the usual well-serrated legs

Twizzle- tale about Suzy locked in a shed- not sure why he didn’t give himself a downdown for this.

Muff Diver - eating curry at an inappropriate time, 6pm………..

Hares – Fire Flaps Crabbit Quine & Bert. An excellent run (how do you know, you didn’t follow trail!  It was an excellent trail, well done. Ed.)

Hash naming ceremonies:

Emilia- now forever to be known as Crabbit Quine

Luke- welcome to Luke Shitewalker

Thanks also to Drillbit & Sharnie for distributing hash beers & downdowns.


Wee Willie


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