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1924 - Mon 29 Apr 2019 - Banchory Business Center - Hares: Struth & Red Stripe. Scribe: Binliner

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1924

Monday 29TH April 2019

Hares : Struth & Red Stripe

Banchory Business Centre car park

It was a mild sunny evening, perfect for a hash, so why did the GM have to spoil it by picking on me to be scribe. A ridiculous choice, picking on a cripple, riddled with sciatica and hobbling about on two walking sticks. How the f*** could I make notes about the run while holding a walking stick with my teeth. But hey ho here we go and forgive my geriatric memory.

The pre run circle welcomed a new runner Gemma, and two returners whom we had not seen in a long time, Cannae be Arsed and Orienteer.   Awards were supposedly given for reaching a number of runs ending in “50”, but the only awards were down downs for Little Shit (1350 runs); JC (1050 runs), Shaky (250 runs), Sauerkraut (100 runs).  The only person deserving an award was Sauerkraut; I hope he gets his tee shirt!!

The hares gave the usual speal regarding flour and then we were pointed “on-on”. Through pleasant woodland behind the Business Centre.  Now as afore mentioned your scribe was hobbling along with walking sticks at the rear, so never caught up with anybody nor saw any activities /misdemeanours on which to report.  I did however see Drill Bit ahead of me hobbling along slightly faster on his crutches; and Barbarella was seen running back to the start to help poor lost Blagger who had arrived late. 

Regarding the actual trail, the pleasant woodland start to the run was soon temporarily spoilt by a stretch along the A580.  But then re-entering more woodland, the rest of the run was glorious scenery, woodland paths, meadows and grassy tracks. Excellent location and very well planned trail. The hares had excelled themselves with their patented flour dispenser. The flour circles, W’s, R’s and arrows were like thin painted professional sign writing.

I believe the beer check was behind The Barn Arts Centre. But your pathetic scribe never made it that far.  I spoke to Bruce Almighty and saw a few others who were retuning back from the beer check and realised I was too late.  The on-in trail confused quite a few geographically challenged hashers ( including your scribe) who missed the car park and started repeating the start of the run again!

At the Post Run Circle the horrible history significance of run 1924 was given by Sir Deadmund Hill-ary. It was on the very year of 1924 that Mallory climbed Mount Everest but whether he made it to the top we may never now because he died on the way back and his body has never been found.

Post Run down downs were given to:

  • Sir Deadmund Hill-ary: For bringing an MH4 signpost to an Aberdeen Hash.
  • Smiler and Orienteer:  Hashy birthdays.
  • Gemma: To make the new runner feel welcome.
  • Barbarella: a down down drunk from his new shoes.
  • Orienteer: Arrived late, just as the pre-run circle was forming and managed to nip into the prime parking space next to Hash Cash. (so why wasn’t Orienteer made scribe ??)
  • JC: For arriving on time last Monday, for the first time ever, and confusing every bodies time keeping.
  • Sauerkraut: For temporarily leaving the circle.
  • Rocky Horror ??”  For being a lovely person and for not having a handle yet.
  • Bin Liner: For getting a walking stick jammed in a crack.  (To un-boggle your mind, that’s a crack between paving stones).
  • Biggles,WeeWillie, Red Stripe:  For being our gallant drivers on the Easter challenge and getting back in time to attend last weeks Hash.
  • Blagger,Babarella, Hill-ary, Olymprick:  For sloppy car parking.
  • And of course the hares Struth and Red Stripe.


Your humble scribe: (No its not Whinger) just whinging Bin Liner.

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