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1922 - Sun 14 Apr 2019 - Tollohill Wood - Hares: Ciders & Aids - Scribe: More Butt

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1922

Sunday 14th April 2019

Tullohill Wood

Hares: Aids & Cinders

So, mid-April yet bloody freezing. The joy of hashing in Scotland.  Hence “volunteering” to be scribe, as then I got a windproof, if flappy, yellow vest as an extra layer.

Experienced hashers so a nice, short-ish (4 miles) run.  Nothing too complicated to confuse us (not that it takes much). 

So, to the run.  An early back check downhill (ie uphill on the way back) got all but two of us.  Cinders standing chortling as she watched the penny drop, and us trudge back.  Nice views of RGU across the river.  Some pretty running territory through daffodils (I’m sure there is a poem about daffodils – Wordsworth?).  Through the grounds of a Camphill Community I didn’t even know was there.  This was the only point of general shambles when someone who will remain nameless looked ahead and decided a check was actually a back check, so we all went the wrong way(s).  Lovely amble through the woods.  And an excellent selection of sweeties and chocolate at the sweetie stop (note to all those setting runs – a sweetie stop should be mandatory).

Anyway, all very pleasant and not too taxing.  Lots of down-downs, from the entertaining to the “get on with it”. 

T-Rex Cock for self-harming (cuts on his legs – how come no one else had any, just what does he do on a run!?)

·         Numbskull for having the wrong kind of belly button (too big a tummy) for piercing

·         Skinny Witch and Thrupenny Bits for being sexist

·         Olymprick for falling to co-hare the last run

·         Grand Vitesse – various misdemeanours pronounced (unintelligibly) by Twizzle.   I’ve no bloody idea what he was going on about.

·         Ballerina and Smurf for being over-active in the days prior to the run (long bike rides – including, somewhat oddly, biking to Westhill for fish and chips when there are lots of chippers in Aberdeen)

·         To mother in laws – again no idea why

·         Fireflaps for graduating onto managing small boys

·         Hares thanked, etc


And, sadly, the last mulled wine of the season.  No mulled wine once we shift to Monday nights (although why not given it will still be bloody freezing over the summer?).



More Butt

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