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1921 - Sun 07 Apr 2019 - Brathens - Hares - Pany Pockets & Bag O Bones - Scribe: Smurf

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1921

Sunday 7th April 2019


Hares: Panty Pockets and Bag O Bones

New Runners: Alison and Alistair (spellings to be confirmed!)

ReturnersThreesome, like a bad penny!!

Horrible History: Something about an infamous Aberdeen prostitute, that certainly seemed to tickle The Penguins fancy!!

Scribe: Something to slow down Super Speedy Smurf!!  Plus, the vest matched her trainers, which clearly warranted a down down!

On On:

- Drillbit warmly welcomed a new runner to the Hash Pole Club; Bin Liner

- The V was for view, not a Roman numeral for the number of hashers to stand in the check!

- A lot of sheep like hashers calling out “Baa” but also continuing to follow the pack into the abyss!

- Barbarella overly concerned for the safety of new hasher Alistair, spent most of his time looking for him! (he was with Long Shank!  Ed.)

- A false sweetie stop near a rather comfy looking bench encouraged Red Stripe and FiFi to take a very unhashlike mid “run” pit stop!

- JC joined our Mothers’ Meeting and told us tall tales of burning his shortbread that morning!

- Wee Willie was less than impressed with the prospect of moving to Brunei after finding out that you can only bring 12 beers or 2 litres of alcohol into the country! Definitely not suitable for a hashers daily quota!!

Down Downs:

Map Readers – Numbskull very helpfully gave Bruce Almighty a map to help him find his way on the trail, unfortunately it was for last week!

Wolverine – Gloria was wary of more slips trip and falls, protecting her other wrist decided early on to call it a day.  During the down down Elf and Safety officer One Liner rushed in to ensure there were no more casualties and bent down to tie Ballerina’s lace! Chivalry is not dead!

Arse Cream – Eveready having fallen behind due to her sore arse was offered some “Arse/Ice Cream” to cure her ails by a very helpful Yorkshireman!

Pretenders – Haggissimo and Bin Liner were doing their best impression of runners on the trail

Losers – Barbarella lost his bonnet and Olymprick came across yet another 60 inscribed item of memorabilia!

Acrobat – Haggissimo somehow managed to, in true hasher fashion, take a tumble but ensure all his beer was safely kept in its drinking vessel!

Zombies – Whinger, Drillbit, Numbskull and Bin Liner have been dead for years but are still unawares!


Final Remarks: Numbskull offered to pay the drinks bill again at the Zombies Lunch this coming Friday, if it’s written down it must be true…..


Your ‘Onerable Scribe


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