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1920 - Sun 28 Mar 2019 - Brommnd Hill East - Hares: JC & FiFi - Scribe: Mrs T

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1920

Sunday 31st March 2019

AKA the Tour de Gorse-shire

Hares: JC and Fifi

The Hash gathered next to the A90 near Kingswells in sunshine - a smaller pack than usual due to the lure of a Mearns Hash away-weekend. After a Hash history from JC about the American constitution (featuring Votes for Women and Prohibition) pre-run down-downs were awarded to: -

Penguin - for his 1050th run

JC - for too much Hash History

Smurf – to slow her down as she is displaying an alarming predilection for extreme sport

After a long explanation of flour-arranging, back-checking and a warning that it could be a long way from the checks to first flour, the Hash set off Westward. Before long it became apparent that we were heading towards Brimmond hill. The gorse in the distance was spectacular in full flower as we wound our way towards the heathland, with hashers discussing whether it would smell more of coconut or pineapple once we got there. The SCBs split off round the side of the hill below gorse-level while the rest of the pack surged forward along the (very) narrow trails and concluded the best way to admire gorse was from a distance. After several back-checks and false trails in the direction of Brimmond mast from the South, Southwest, West and Northwest, which seemed to fool the FRBs, Little Shit, Hippo, Rhona and Mustafa more than once, we found the real trail approaching the mast from the North side. Barbarella appeared to be recruiting talent for his home hash-movies in the woods. He emerged waving his phone surrounded by ladies (VOTES FOR WOMEN!!) complaining about the number of ‘Takes’ required before he was satisfied with the shots. The mind boggles!

The sweetie check was predictably at the trig point, where the SCBs and the rest of the pack re-merged. There was a frenzy of picture-taking at the sweetie check – selfies, panoramic views, more movie shots and something even more complicated for technophile Sir Deadmund. Eventually the Hash moved off back down the hill following the power lines. Fortunately the trails on the East side of the hill were wider as they wended through the gorse. Finally left the gorse field and entered woodland where we could start to hear the sound of the A90 in the distance (good clue for those ancient hashers whose eye-sight wasn’t up to spotting flour). We came across Olymprick sitting on a stone - this caused some subsequent confusion as none of us realized the stone had a check marked on it!  Having emerged into fields and spotted the A90 only half a mile away, many Hashers thought the show was pretty much over. However, JC had one further surprise up his sleeve and had laid the trail through three enclosed culverts under the road. Luckily it wasn’t raining so the water was only a few inches deep. However this was not enough to pacify Pink Panther and T.Rex Cock who complained it was F…ng dark too and 3 was 2 too many. There is no pleasing some people!  - JC said it took him ages to find those tunnels. Then we were on to the Beer-stop and everyone cheered up – until The Penguin, Sauerkraut, Olymprick and T.Rex Cock started discussing politics (although to be fair they did not use the Br….t  Word) Time to go back to the cars……

In the circle down-downs were awarded to:

T.Rex Cock – for dressing as though Sunderland were going to win the Wembley cup final

Sharnie – for sneakily setting up LS re. the clocks going forward

Dickie Bird – for sexist remarks about women’s work (VOTES FOR WOMEN!!)

Lisa and Wladiana – for taking selfies on the run (and auditioning for Barbarella’s movies??)

The Meet-up Runners (Laurie, Lisa, Wladiana and Mustafa) - for strange conversations on the run

Litteshit – as a stand-in for a 3ft hasher from Yemen & Sir Deadmund for the story about it

Barbarella – new shoe

Smurf – for wearing incontinence PJs

The Hares – JC & Fifi


Scribed by Mrs T (VOTES FOR WOMEN !!)

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