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1916 - Sun 03 Mar 2019 - Hare: Shite Boyfriend - Scribe: Grand Vitesse

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1916

Sun 03 March 2019

Riverside Drive

Hare: Shite Boyfriend

GM - Wee Willie
RA - Haggisimmo

We were a much depleted-in-numbers bunch of Hashers but the location was good for a small number and what's more the glorious sunshine shone down on us, so too did the almost howling gale and did I hear bird 'poo' from the circle be revealed later...

One thing that can be revealed now, or would that be two things?
The run would be approximately seven miles and the walk would be approximately four...comments on that revelation later was , that was bad to let folk know....let you decide!

Once decisions had been made in who were running and who were walking, I believe it may have been Olymprick who decided to rename it the 'Geriatric Run', a phrase which I seem to be getting used to hearing now, although in truth , I ain't buying that and may I remind Olymprick, that you are only as old as you feel....I say no more!!

Someone else, who was standing behind me also thought it could be named the 'Barking Dog Run' but we won't name names, cute wee Lily perchance?

Circle formed it was all quite brief other than the introduction of two new runners, Anna and Carol, a visiting Hasher from Elgin and a returner with his little daughter. If anything else was said other than the GM asking for a volunteer to  scribe, and I didn't step back fast enough (duly understood Barbarella??), GM just volunteered me and I think i then went into a mild case of shock....and I can't remember much after that!!

I must have regained my composure ....

Shite Boyfriend explained the flour markings and then, I could hear the words 'anti-clockwise ' causing some confusion, Duthie Park, apparently synonymous with Coffee Shop, although I can't think why....Glen?

There were around twenty walkers, maybe five dogs and a handful of runners...

And off we went...
On on!!

I have no clue in which direction the runners took off but I just followed my usual, but much extended pack, off along the riverside !

All geriatrics crossed safely at the roundabout, marched through the park, then for some bizarre reason , walker numbers dropped dramatically on arriving at the railway line ...not naming names....G, SB, BA, O??? Have I got that wrong ?

The rest of us moseyed on to the railway line..........................and moseyed on.............and on...until we reached a sign (flour), leading us across a grassy area, into Garthdee......

Meandering through the houses, finding  flour.......we were on track......

Making it past RGU we reached the river and happier puppies (dogs!!!!) you have never was cool off time and into the river....Yey!!!!!! 

Meandering on, the sun beating down on us (whew) and much to Lisa's disappointment, the beer stop wasn't in a nice open space, with bench facing to the river, but a tad further on...wasn't bad there.

At this point we were thirteen walkers, five dogs and one little girl !

At 12.41, a runner appeared!!!! Shaky !!!! Yey!!!

Did I hear rumblings about checks?

I was then advised by Shaky that I needn't write too much just the beginning and end with Jackanory in the middle!!!!

So here is my Jackanory


End: the runners and coffee folk were back before us!!!
Olymprick quoted Rule 7 to me ????

All refreshments done and catch up on the Hash, the circle was duly formed but think it was more of an ellipse than a circle but hey, we were duly grouped!

Down downs as follows:

Hash names were chosen for Arlene and John.....thank you Haggi!

Arlene - Gas Chamber and John -Canadae'at...please note that this name is a hybrid of a country and the Doric tongue chosen by Haggi, in his comedic fashion ....very punny Haggi and much appreciated!

Comments on the run: think I heard Shite, but I was happy with my run...

Who ran the whole trail? None,  I heard.

Cider man from Elgin....commented that it was a nice run! Great to see us all and informed us all that next the Elgin Hashers will be celebrating their 1900 and would have an event and invited our group up there to help ! Yey!! Aberdeen HHH's  to Elgin !!

Sergio...well we missed his 950 run by five weeks but he was duly given his 955 on Sunday....down down Sergio!!

The Friday night quiz raised £700.00 and had 70 participants . There were fifteen Hashers there and for some reason Shaky got  a down down.

New Hashers got their down down and Haggi sang a very long version of a down down song which few sang...think it ended being a solo!!

Story behind the bird 'poo'....Red Stripe had been admiring the parking ?? Or something , put her hand out and ended up getting splat upon on the back of her hand.....hey girl, it could have been worse.
But more to had been noticed that Hobo moved his car away from under the trees....did not want his car covered in splat!

Olymprick announced that for the Hash in three weeks time that he had booked a table at the Dutch Mill...for himself?? But he did say that if you wanted to join him let him know.

Next week's run, well, I didn't catch the name but Slug Road was mentioned?? Beside the wind farm ??? I, myself , wait with baited breath on the location for that one.

Ghillie's Lair was the Onon.

Please note , the virgin scribe apologises for all mistakes and incorrect information.....and duly gives herself a down down in advance.....😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 and please feel free to correct me....nicely ...
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