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1915 - Sun 24 Feb 2019 - Tollohill Wood - Hares: Not Dot and Biggles - Scribe: Shaky

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1915

Tolohill Wood

Sunday 24th of February 2019

Hares: Not Dot and Biggles

40 or so hashers ventured out on a cooler day after the heatwave of the previous week, many seemingly none the worse for wear after an afternoon in the pub watching our respective rugby teams capitulate.

I opened my mouth at the wrong time and was duly awarded scribe by Little Shit standing in for GM, RA and Hash Godfather. Whatever happened to asking for volunteers!

No Sir Deadmund who is otherwise engaged in Argentina to deliver this week's horrible history but Eveready had seemingly volunteered only to be told to wait until later buy our stand in GM.

Welcome to the new runner Codpiece who has run with MH3 before but still needs some training on what it means to be a real hasher.

An award to Twizzle for 400 runs for which he received a rather trendy looking fleece.

Also, a down down to Barberella for disrupting the circle by driving through the middle of it after arriving late because he stopped at Starbucks on the way.

The trail started off well making the best use of the forest territory and went off the main path where practical. Early confusion when JC came back from along the trail reporting a back check. Assistance from hare Biggles put us back on trail - an arrow 20ft before the back check had been missed by the FRBs. West through the woods and out onto the country roads through farmland on the other side of the trees. The pack still largely together after a few more tough checks/back checks then slowed by a barbed wire fence which spread the pack a little as well as causing a ripped ski jacket and several near castrations/mutilations. Skirting round the edge of fields and more walls and fences our small group of Fifi, Thrupenny Bits, Fifi Jr and friend, Skinny Witch and Panty Pockets was now most definitely off trail. Finally, heading back to the woods past Little Banchory and picked up the trail again and off it again before meeting up with the last of the walkie talkies,Smiler, High Maintenance and others who were wandering and wondering where their guide Not Dot had disappeared to. I chose the alternative route with Smiler only to find that a path that used to be there isn't any more which is how we ended up taking the scenic route along the South Deeside road taking the long way back to the cars where we found Numbskull, Haggisimo and Bruce Almighty amongst others who had been on a different alternative trail. Meanwhile the pack, or most of them had apparently found the beer check at the war memorial before heading on-in.

RA duties were shared by Little Shit, Rats and Twizzle

Hippo handed out leaflets for the charity quiz night on the 1st of March; 7pm at the Sportsmen in Queen's Road. Teams will be sorted on the night. Those amongst us attending the pensioners lunch at Kippie lodge should be able to stagger there in time if not in one piece.

Pink Panther has posted an up to date run list on onenote - hares needed for June onwards. Hopefully we can get some more out of town runs - a list of suggested sites is available.

Post run down downs were duly awarded once Drillbit had caught up with proceedings:

Shaky for confusing Little Shit with one of his Facebook posts - must be an age thing - he's easily confused.

One Liner for being a Boyo (C'est Dommage) and wearing a lot of red.

Little Shit for forgetting to let Eveready do the horrible history - Alzheimer's is a terrible thing. Since she had already departed Ratsrelayed how Great Yarmouth had been the target for the first Zeppelin bombing missions of mainland Britain in 1915.

Muff Diver for complaining about the high cost of High Maintenances budget cost hair do - a snip at £70

Thrupenny Bits for looking at retirement flats

Panty pockets for having a bit of a prang in the carpark

Twizzle (charge by Haggissimo) for not removing the label on his run award fleece

Codpiece - the new AH3 runner

Olymprik for turning the air blue as he puffed and panted his way up a hill

Blagger, Muff Diver, High Maintenance and Skinny Witch for having front row seats at the Circus of Horrors the night before.

Muff Diver (again) because he looked good in an unclaimed wooly hat (with tassels!)

Lisa (charge by Barbarella) because of a wall and pigs with African swine flu [it's actually wild boar].

The Hares - Not Dot and Biggles for a good run that kept (most of) the pack together

Lorraine was finally christened with hash handle "The Hoover" after devouring more food than the rest of the rugby crowd combined at O Neils

Next week's run was not announced but will be from Riverside Drive.

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