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1914 - Sun 17 Feb 2019 - Sun Honey Farm - Hares: Not Dot & Biggles - Scribe: Skinny Witch


Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1914

Sun Honey Farm, Echt

Sunday 17th of February 2019

Hare: It’s All Because

The GM was clearly so pleased to see me after a bit of a prolonged absence that he gave me the honour of scribe.after being rescued by high maintenance, with a pair of readers, i was able to accept my responsibility with a grin...fb piccie evidence available if required.

Twizzle was in a quandary as there were so many candidates apparently but eventually settled on giving the   pre run down down to Binliner for reaching a mighty 350 runs.

New runner Jamie was welcomed.

Mrs T announced a charity quiz for sensational on 1march.

Sir Deadmund went on a bit as he does on his horrible history, about the Great War.

And then we were off...up, and up and up and away and then scrabbling around some tree trunks and some walls and then we were down a road and on beer and done! The hare had promised 12 miles, but couldn't link the middle with the end so had settled for 6 miles, which was actually 6kish. But the weather was a balmy 9 degrees so all good.


Soup and rolls and cheese were available for the pack with proceeds supporting the hares chosen charity; thank you It’s All Because and Batty.

Then there was some ramblings in the circle ...

the R.A. was opening his mouth and words were a plenty but not being a recent frequenter of Aberdeen Hash and not being under the influence of alcohol.  I have almost no idea what happened but i will attempt to explain the non-visual down downs, or at least my interpretation.

Sir Deadmund,has been shagging in the dark behind blackout curtains...or at least that’s what Numbskull told me.

Olymprick was a traitor for not nominating AH3 hashers as his favourites.

Muff diver wasnt able to attend Little Shit’s birthday bash because he was picking up hrt ..High Maintenance looked confused as she thought he was at hmt, but no matter...........

Not Dot and Biggles because the RA didn’t get an invite to a ski expedition with their lawyer mates.

Things became clearer as visual aids assisted the down down earned by the birthday boy,Little Shit. Wearing his 65th birthday badge, he was the basis for a birthday cake down down provided by Sharnie; ably assisted and applied by Fire eggs, flour or water new meaning to egg shampoo...just sayin!!!!

For anyone who missed Little Shit’s big night out , here is Numbskull’s tribute/explanation of the naming of Little Shit-:)

When chapman billies leave the street, 

And drouthy hashers, hashers meet 

As workin’ days are closin’ doon 

We’ll head for a howff doon in the toon. 

Noo the ferryhill is good enough 

Quiet an’ cosy an’ nae sae rough 

So sittin’ doon, an’ just like hame 

There sits this sulky, sullen dame. 

Ae drink i bocht her an no much happnin’ 

It took anither tipple tae get some reaction 

Then, ‘mighty me!’ it a came oot 

Cursin’ this an that an mair tae boot. 

The maist was aboot a ‘little shit’ 

That didnae measure up tae it 

Useless scunner, an totally deid 

Lackin’ in maist things an’ weak in the heid. 

It was ‘little shit’ this an’ ‘little shit’ tha’ 

Til ah coudnae sort oot fit this quine was a’ 

Eventually, sense an’ revelation dawned 

The ‘shit’ was the sulky, sullen dame’s husband 

History tells ‘little shit’ cries came often, an’ how 

The muffled response was ‘doonin it, doonin it, ye ‘silly cow’ 

So hash handle time?, ‘that’s it, that’s it’ 

It’s ‘silly cow’ an’ ‘little shit’.


But to finish off, only Fire Flaps (,who along with most of the circle), admitted that she had not been the recipient of a valentines night of passion, was given love hearts by the R.A; poor Little Shit, also spurned, just had to put up with a down down and some extra beer topping to wash away his tears/cake mix.

The new runner, Jamie was rewarded for making it through an AH3 run and circle, and the hare was rewarded with a beer for a good run and successfully herding up the sheep that are AH3!

It was announced that Dad Dad has organised the pensioners lunch on 1st March at Kippie lodge and Not Dot and Biggles will be entertaining us with next week’s run at Tollohill Wood.

Amen and on on!!!!

Skinny Witch

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