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1908 - Sun 06 Jan 2019 - The Gramps - Hare: Toy Boy Tom - Scribe: Muff Diver

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1908

The Gramps

Sunday 6th January 2019

Hare: Toy Boy Tom

The first run of the year, so obviously the best run of the year and the worst as well!

We assembled in the car park at the East end of Nigg Way. It was a bright crisp day and there was a good turnout including 5 dogs. 4 naughty ones and one well behaved one.

We formed a circle and awards were given out to High Maintenance and Prickly Bush for good attendance. 200 and 250? (300 runs for a fantastic hip flask, Ed.)

 A group photo was taken with The Penguin and Olymprick jostling to be at the very front.

The hare gave us instructions and then we were off. After a circuitous route of the highlights of Kincorth we arrived at the beer stop which also had Whiskey Mac.

It is the first trail where I have seen a Tennents Lager tree. Olymprick confided in me that he had lost the new runner to which he was sworn to protect.

 Back in the circle various down downs were given for misdemeanours, including:


·         Pink Panther for a spectacular fall and roll down the hill.

·         Olymprick for accusing Sauerkraut wrongly of using navigational aids to help him find the beer.

·         Gloria was named "Grand Vitesse"

·         High Maintenance and Pink Panther for Wombling. (Bag ladies, Asda trolleys at the ready next week. Ed)

·         Toy Boy Tom for disrupting the circle.

·         Sir Deadmund Hillary for taking a group photo and taking a selfie by mistake.

·         Barbarella brought out his hash divining mechanism and gave us a demonstration. He was given multiple down downs including getting lost at Clachnaben and phoning people to ask where it was and what it looked like. Sad but true. It's probably the most distinctive rocky outcrop for 20 miles.

The hash horn is now kaput, but it was only £3 with free delivery from China.

And so the circle ended and many people retired to the Gordon Arms, or Wellington Hotel which it's now called.

On On!

Muff Diver, sorry, I mean High Maintenance!

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