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1962 - Sun 29 Dece 2019 - Duthie Park - Hares: Aids & Cinders - Scribe: Not Dot

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1962

Sunday 29th December 2019

Duthie Park

Hares: Aids and Cinders

We had some visiting/returning/new hashers from lands of far far away- Columbia, South Korea, Puppyland, Aberdeen (Mad Cyclist).

A moments reflection for a fellow hasher, Free Willy, who passed away last week.

Hashy born year (1962) for FiFi and Muff Diver

450 run award to Cannae-be-arsed

NEARLY EVERYBODY didn’t want to hear the horrible history but here it is-

Marilyn Monroe sang happy birthday to JFK, application made in USA to send men to the moon, Beatles changed their minds about Decca

We set off from Duthie Park along an industrial landscape and the arches, as far as the Shooglie Bridge, but we avoided that one and went under the railway into a more leafy suburb of Ferryhill, ending up back at Duthie Park- that was the first of many loops in this trail.

The runners set off along several other loops around the old railway line, but I was more interested in the walkie talkie conversation, today’s highlight being bum and tit groping.

At the Bridge over the River Kwai (or Holburn Street to those not from lands far far away), Cannae-be-arsed did a few triple salcos trying to decide which pack to follow, and eventually followed the flour and the running pack.

At Garthdee, walking pack 1 (us) huddled under another bridge, Smiler was leading walking pack 2 back to meet us, running pack 1 was coming along the railway line, running pack 2 was coming over the bridge, running pack 3 came from the river.  After much prevaricating but no checking, everybody found a different way to the BEER CHECK in Aids’ allotment.  We all donned wellies and hankies on our heads and helped dig or stomp over his patches of rhubarb before sitting down with a pipe to have a beer and a natter.

On the way back, Shit Boyfriend put in a surprise appearance (in a car) but avoided knocking down Thrupenny Bits on the pedestrian crossing.  We took the high road (Numbskull and T-Rex Cock), and the low road (most of the rest) around the bonnie bonnie banks of the boating pond, back to the on in.

Many many down downs!

·         Wee Willie for forgetting to hand out the horn

·         Smiler, Gas Chamber and Jetslag for gabbing in the circle

·         Gas Chamber again for doing it again

·         Inappropriate present giving

o   Shit Boyfriend (new clothes line ‘but I put baubles on it’),

o   Wee Willie (kitchen scales- could have been worse if they’d been bathroom scales)

o   Bag o’ Bones (no presents)

·         Rhubarb stompers- Sir Deadmund Hillary, Wee Willie and a Townser from Sevenoaks

·         Aids for having a STROP; roughly translates to GOMFR (Get off my f’ing rhubarb)

·         Smiler for bunking off scribe writing in 1952

·         Musty Double Tap who came thousands of miles for a birthday party in the Beach Bullroom (sic- Twizzle) with no kilt

·         Muff Diver and Fifi for pulling each other last week

·         4 visitors from the lands of far far away

·         50 Shades of Gay (from S Korea) sang us a song and got a down down for dogging (huh?) with Glasgow


Not Dot

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