Alessandro Belmonte

Assistant Professor at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy

Research associate at AXES

Research associate at CAGE

Piazza San Francesco 19

55100 Lucca, Italy

phone: (39) 0583 432 6736


I am an applied economist interested predominantly in political and public economics research questions from an empirical and historical perspective. My research revolves around four main clusters of topics: 1) state capacity/ state building/ inter-ethic tensions and state building; 2) tax compliance; 3) education; 4) collective memories.


  • Italian National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor in Economic Policy (13/A2)

  • Jessica Di Salvatore (Warwick), Vincenzo Bove (Warwick), and I (P.I.) have been awarded the UNU-WIDER grant "Detecting and Countering Illicit Financial Flows"