Guitar Chordz 2.0 Advance

 Guitar Chordz 2.0 Advance is your pocket library of
guitar chords right in your Android hand phone! It offers
plenty of chords with a variety of alternative shapes of
each chord - open, barre, and more shapes as you
get higher up the neck of your guitar.

Listen to the "sound" of the chord by pretend-strumming
or tapping your screen!

Chords include :
Major, Minor, Maj7, Add9, 6th, min7, aug, dim, sus and more.

Supports screen auto-rotation to portrait or landscape.

Color-coded finger symbols can make chords easy
to follow and remember.

If you are a beginner or advancing your skills in
guitar playing, this application is right for you!

Screen shot of F#maj7

 Screen shot of F#maj7 on fret #6

 Screen shot of F#maj7 on fret #9

 Screen shot of F#maj7 on fret #2 (Landscape Mode)