If You Liked This Book...

If you liked looking at the life of Abraham Lincoln with an alternative history twist, try The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln by Stephen Carter in which Lincoln survives the assassination attempt by John Wilkes Booth only to be forced to answer to an angry Congress and face impeachment.  Carter explores this alternative sceanrio through the eyes of a young, black legal clerk named Abigail and the rest of Lincon's defense team. This is both a tale of post-Civil War social upheaval and courtroom drama, and since the action portrayed never really happened, there is a high level of suspense as readers will keep turning the pages, wanting to know what comes next. (catalog record)

If you enjoyed the historical research frame of ALVH and are still in the mood for more vampires, try The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. In this creepy, literary thriller, a young woman begins researching the provenance of a mysterious book she finds amongst her father’s belongings. The book has an ominous note and a chilling history linking it to Vlad the Impaler. As she dives further into her research, the story vacillates between 3 time periods, the atmosphere gets more and more oppressive and the bloodthirsty threat becomes terrifyingly real*. (catalog record)
If you liked the historical fantasy aspects of ALVH try Jonathan Strange and Mr, Norrell by Susanna Clarke.  In this well researched and detailed account of magicians living in early Nineteenth Century England, historical fiction and fairy tale collide to very successful results. The titular characters are rival magicians fighting over the future of their kind.  Like ALVH, the novel's dedication to incorporating true historical details, creates a captivating world where the reader can easily buy into the obviously magical additions and get lost in the story. (catalog record)

If you liked the revenge themes and the complex hero in ALVH try Horns by Joe Hill.  In this novel of revenge and demonic possession, Hill adds a unique twist: our hero is turning into the devil. Ig wakes up with horns growing out of his head and has powers to see everyone’s deepest and darkest thoughts. Scared of what he is becoming, Ig uses his new dark powers to get revenge for his girlfriend’s murder. Horns is a thrilling, but unsettling read, as Hill has you rooting for the Devil. We like Ig, yet are completely scared of him.  Sort of how you feel about Lincoln after ALVHHorns is also in the process of being made into a feature film*. (catalog record)

If you liked the dark humor of imagining Lincoln in such a different way, try Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore.  In this hilarious and irreverent novel, Moore imagines what Jesus' story would be like if he were just a regular guy hanging out with his best friend.  Much like giving America's most revered President an ax and imagining him as a vampire hunter, Lamb takes a story people know and treasure and turns it on its head. (catalog record)

If you liked following a famous and influential historical figure who is hiding a dark secret try Drood by Dan Simmons. Drood is historical fiction with supernatural and thriller elements.  Here our narrator is author Wilkie Collins as he observes Charles Dickens in his final days and the uncertainty surrounding Dickens' last unfinished work, The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  Simmons portrays Collins' as a self-centered but troubled man.  We read at Collins' whim; we are subject to his moods and digressions, much like the experience Grahame-Smith creates as we read Lincoln's journals. And like the Lincoln of ALVH, Drood's Collins is battling his own demons. (catalog record)

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*Parts of these annotations are from The Horror Readers' Advisory, 2nd edition (ALA Editions, 2012) by Becky Siegel Spratford (creator of this map).