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The following is a partial list indicating the range of services and capabilities for design and analyses that are available. ABLD provides a broad range of Lighting and Acoustical related services for many types of facilities and consulting requirements.  If you do not see something listed please ask.

Lighting Design Services

  • Interior Lighting Design

    • Estimates & Budgeting

    • Full Design Services (SD, DD, CD, CA)

    • LEED & Energy Code Compliance

    • Final Focus & Controls Set-up

  • Exterior / Site / Façade Lighting

    • Landscape Lighting

    • Building Façade and Effects Lighting

    • Parking & Area Lighting

    • Pedestrian & Security

    • Light Pollution/Trespass Analysis

  • Day-lighting Design

    • Site/Orientation

    • Building/Façade/Daylight Control Devices

    • Daylight Responsive Lighting & Controls

    • Daylight Simulations

    • Mock-Up & Testing

  • Custom Lighting Fixture Design

    • Concept to Design

    • Factory Coordination

    • Mock-Ups & Testing

    • Testing & Evaluation


  • LEED & Energy Related Design

    • LEED Related Lighting Design

    • LEED Testing & Documentation

    • Energy Retrofit Studies & Design

    • Cost Benefit (ROI) Analysis


Acoustical Consulting Services
            ·Architectural Room Acoustics

Room Shaping

Wall, Floor & Ceiling Materials

Acoustical Treatments

·Sound Isolation

Sound Control Isolation
STC values
Wall, Floor & Ceiling

Acoustical Details

·Mechanical Systems Noise Control

Vibration Isolation

     Mechanical System Recommendations

     Recommended Noise Criterion (NC Levels)

·Acoustical Computer Modeling &        Analysis

·Sound Masking System Design

·Field Testing and
   Confirmation of Performance