2007 BMW R1200RT Maze and Blue motorcycle with block-M on the side, ABS, automatic stability control (ASC) and electronic suspension adjustable (ESA), tire pressure sensors, on-board computer, heated grips and seats, power windshield.

VStream windshield for quieter ride, factory windshield, engine protection bars with highway pegs, BMW 49-liter top bag painted to match, side bags, BMW RT clip-on tank bag, fork lights. LED side lights front and rear with a KnightriderZ auxiliary tail/break light that strobes 3 of the 21 LED lights back and forth for better visibility and all 21 flash 10 times for braking before going solid. Handlebar bar-back/risers and peg lowering kits, larger side-stand foot with foot extension for lowering. Just over 97,000 miles, maintained at BMW Grand Rapids. Replaced both tires last year. Black reflective rear appliques and yellow strips are reflective so with the LED lights the bike is very visible at night. Front and rear electric outlets. Strips on front finder mimic the U-M football helmet. Only recall was to change the aluminum rear wheel retaining ring to a steel retaining ring to prevent cracks in the aluminum. Had rear the drive shaft universal joint fail several years ago at 75 mph and bike was a very stable safe drive to the side of the road. Repaired at BMW of Grand Rapids. Pigtail connected to battery for trickle charger. Excellent condition, great ride for short or long distance and very reliable and safe. Many people have stopped to take pictures of the bike in many different parts of the country.  I like to be seen thus the extra lights and reflective tape. Back pain prevents any medium to long trips on the bike.

Here are some pictures of my 2007 BMW R1200RT.
Left Side View - You can see the strip of LED side lights under the left turn-signal, the engine protection bars, highway pegs the larger food on the side stand and the auxiliary light on the fork.  Also present is a AirHawk seat pad. 

Left Rear
Left Rear View - Notice the LED side marker lights above the left turn signal and you can see the NightriderZ auxiliary tail-light above the regular tail-light.  In tail-light mode 3 of the 21 LEDs light and strobe back and forth to get the attention of drivers behind you.  Notice how wide the VStream windshield is. It can be moved up and down to create a quiet ride by pushing air turbulence out and away from your helmet. 

Left front
Here is a close up view of the left front side of the bike with the side marker lights on and some light reflecting off the reflective tape strip on the side.  The Block-M is not reflective. 

Right Side-Marker Lights
Here is a close-up of the right side marker lights and you can see the NightriderZ light is on. 

BMW R1200RT Maze and Blue
Here is a picture of the bike using a flash on the camera.  You can see how the reflective tape is rally visible.  I have ridden behind a person whose bike only had a tail-light and the rider had no reflective material on him or the bike.   He rally disappeared after a few car lengths.  This bike will not disappear at night. 

Rear reflective view
The rear of the bike using a flash.  The white areas are black reflective decals on the black part of the bike and they really light up at night.  Tail-lights are turned off in this picture.  From the rear the bike is very visible.  I also wear a yellow jacket with a reflective vest at night.  My helmet has reflective tape so it shows up as well.   I was rear-ended by a Chevy Suburban while stopped at a yield sign and I don't want to happen again so I have add things to help them notice me.  

NightriderZ Tail-light
This is the KnightriderZ tail-light.  Of the 21 LEDs in the light three at a time will strobe from side to side so to the driver in the rear something on the bike  is moving and they have to become aware of you.  That is the hope.  Click on the image to see it work.

Here is the KnightRiderZ in brake mode. 
NightriderZ in Brake Mode
This is the KnightriderZ auxiliary tail-light in brake mode.  The 21 LEDs flash about ten times and then go solid.  Saying to the driver behind I am doing something, pay attention, I'm stopping or slowing.