GLCD Clock

  • Designed by: Abdullah M. Abdul-Hadi
  • Project: GLCD Clock
  • Date: 27-July-2010
     Character based LCD’s are great for presenting the user with textual information. However there are times you need a bit more freedom when presenting data. In this application note I will present a interface between the PIC microcontroller and 128x64 graphic LCD.

     most displays controlled by KS0107/KS0108 Note that the Graphical LCD’s listed have negative voltage generators built-in to provide the contrast voltage needed to drive the LCD. Many other graphical LCD’s do not and will require a special inverter to provide this power.

     This display is controlled by the KS0107/KS0108 . This is a very popular controller and has made its way into many Graphic LCD’s. In many cases the actual Graphic LCD will have multiple controllers stacked to create larger display sizes. This tutorial is primarily concerned with those displays with dual controllers.

     When writing to the controllers the CS1 and CS2 pins will be selected to turn on the appropriate controller. It’s also possible to access both portions of the display at once. This is particularly nice when initializing and clearing the display. The KS0107/KS0108 does not have a character generator so this must be provided in software.

Source Code

Hex. File , Asm. File 





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