Answering Machine

  • Designed by: Abdullah M. Abdul-Hadi
  • Project: Answering Machine
  • Date: 10- Dec- 2010


        The answering machine or message machine, also known as an answer phone (telephone answering machine is a device used for recording telephone conversations as well as automatic answering device. The device I built is a cue from the telephone answering machine.
        The main parts of the device is the recording part which hold all the messages, and the second part is the control part which used to select the message, in this device I used ISD1900 series to hold my messages, I used two messages here one hold the phone ringing and the second hold my voice.
        I did not not test the circuit on real telephone because I do not have one, so I used a two switches, one to make a call and the second to answer. if there is a call, the phone start ringing, till you answer, if there is no any answering, my recorded voice will appear "Hi, I'm Abdullah. I'm not here now. Please, call me later".
The Schematic:
The Video:

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