7-Segment and Keypad Int.

  • Designed by: Abdulla M. Abdul-Hadi
  • Project: 7-Segment and Keypad Int.
  • Date: 21/9/2008
Hi, in this tutorial you will see how to use the 3X4 keypad with PIC microcontroller, 3X4 keypad contain 3 columns
and 4 rows, the microcontroller always do scanning on the keypad keys so when any key pressed, the
number of the pressed key will appear on the 7-segment.
I used 7448 IC to derive the 7-segment to reduce the number of pins used from the PIC microcontroller, so if you
like, you can connect the 7-segment directly to the microcontroller through out a current limiting resistor, contact
me if you have any question.
The Schematic:
Here a short video on the tutorial,

YouTube Video