PWM without using CCP

  • Designed by: Abdulla M. Abdul-Hadi
  • Project: PWM without using CCP
  • Date: 3/2/2008


     Hi, this is Pulse Width Modulation tutorial which use in many applications like the speed control of D.C motors, as you can see below in the schematic, there are three switchs, one to turn ON the circuit and two to control in the pulse width, i.e. the power reached to the D.C motor, according to that , the speed of motor will change.
     In the program below, I did use the CCP of the PIC microcontroller, I used the programming technique in build my own PWM source. the using of CCP will make the set of pulse width and frequency of the pulses more easy, if you have any questions please leave a comment or e-mail me.  
The Schematic:
Short Video:

YouTube Video