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Who am I??

    My name is Abdulla M. Abdul-Hadi, I was born in Baghdad, Iraq(1987). I gratuated from Al-Iraq Al-Jadded seconday school in 2005 and entered the Dept. of Elec. Eng.
In (30/6/2009) I obtained my B.SC. degree, in Electrical Engineering, from College of Engineering, University of Baghdad.
    Currently, I'm working in Power Electronics, Electronics and Communications, MCU and Computer Interfacing Labs, Dept. of Elect. Eng./Univesity of Baghdad, also I'm doing researchs on Microcontrollers and Robotics, a field that I find quite interesting and dedicate a lot of my time to work on it.
     After I graduated from the college, I decided to build this website to share my information with world wide, I built this website in 12-Nov.-2009, from time to time, I'm doing an update and upload a new tutorials so have fun.
best regards.