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YouTube : What I could do if I was having a loss of approximately U$ 500,000 a month?

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date: 99/99/9999 99:99 hs

subject: YouTube - What I could do if I was having a loss of approximately U$ 500,000 a month?

I've read recently in an article, that Google bought YouTube for approxima tely U$ 1,6 Billion and that until the moment, it was having losses of U$ 500,000 a month, just because a way to become the service profitable wasn't found yet.

I started to think about the subject just trying understand how a company that withholds great part of the "better brains" of the present time, isn't still trying to solve this problem.

Everybody knows that Google is revolutionizing many things in the Web, as well as the way to gain money with it, before incredible things as the payment with a click, offering services that were just available in the platform desktop, search of information in the corporative environment (Google Search Appliance), etc…

After to think (A LOT) during some weeks, I tried to imagine being at the same position of the company's owners and tried to find a way to become the business not only viable but profitable as well, and maybe if possible to cause another web revolution. ;)

So, what I would propose is:

1) I would create new strategies for paid advertisements in videos:

1.1) I would (permit) advertise rs to tube their own announcements, taking profit of the YouTube mechanism;

1.2) I would stablish rules of time (from 01 to 15 seconds for example) for announcements with different values;

1.3) I would make the announcements been shown ALWAYS before each video exhibition ;

1.4) I would find out a way to show all videos in the current screen, in Wide Screen format, using the superior and inferior spaces (black stripes) for announcements during the videos;

1.5) I would offer the option to the users to put type water marks (paid) advertisings, in video (any of the four angles of 90º) in the videos.

2) I would professionalize the site:

2.1) I would let all users download videos without advertisings (paying in accordance with "rate"), being available the video format choice;

2.2) I would stablish rules also to let owners to earn with their video downloads (charged);

2.3) I would become the site multi - language;

2.4) I would integrate the YouTube (resources) to the Google account (Google News, GMail, Calendar, Texts and Spread sheets, etc);

2.5) I would make possible that the users could download the programming (charged) , thus, all TV's would not have its contents hacked and would receive for this (to see in item 5.3, they stream of TV);

2.6) I would let users and companies to make videos over 10 minutes avaiable (charged);

2.7) I would place Ajax where it was possible to make the navigat ion easier and faster;

2.8) I would make auditories (key words and content) of sent videos to prevent problems with justice.

Obs.: It is not e nough to find solutions to have profits, is also necessary to know how to prevent unnecessary losses.

3) Improvements:

3.1) I would include the business-oriented rules of the Google AdWords in the YouTube, searching words;

3.2) I would add action script (flash) in the videos to use the price of cost by click (AdWords);

3.3) I would allow the user stopping to load a video (exactly when it is in pause);

3.4) I would use Ajax to improve the performance of the navigation, as in the GMail, Google Calendar, etc;

Obs.: The voting form (rate), probably would be in the list of the first improvements with Ajax. Tab's Videos, Categories, Channels, Community, would be the next ones to the list.

3.5) I would make possible the fast sending of videos (link's) for email (visualization for the self webmail);

Obs: This certainly would make a lot of success with the GMail user's.

3.6 ) I would use the Related Column better for something more usefull (commercial/advertising executive);

3.7) I would mount strategies to show the YouTube in the digital TV's of the whole world, by dealings with the TV companies.

Obs: This attitude would wide the range of the advertising bussiness.

4) Profits:

4.1) To make possible a revolution of the visual commercial announcements in the Web;

4.2) Gains of the actions in the stock exchange as result attraction of investors;

4.3) Be responsible for one more revolution: the TV in the Internet or the TV of the future.

5) Commercial strategies:

5.1) I would use the advantage of Apple's proximity to create an "alliance" in the YouTube videos sells, maxing it better and more simple and creating a brand new market for videos of the site: videos for iPod (and iPhone);

5.2) I would stablish strategies to offer the videos in digital TV's in nations that already use the technology and would take advantage of the moment of Brazil set up. For example, to integrate the service, through incentives in the project (in final phase of implementation);

5.3) I would offer the possibility to make stream's from TV's programs (opened and the handle) of the whole world with fast promotions;

Obs.: According to what I read, this is already being made by BBC, what does not hinder that this modality being improved or that the videos could be downloaded (charged) and that the senders also earn with this.

I've been thinking about of so many possibilities and formats, that I remembered the phrase: "the sky is the limit"…

I finished having some another ideas as to become the Google Earth profitable, offering advertising in the right places where the companies are. Become like a "Second Life" of the advertising. Butare just edeas for now… and they could absorb/to improve technologies as ipix (or virtual reality) for images detailed in 3D, etc.

There are also infinite possibilities (commercial and humanitarian) to promote, to emphasize and to stimulate the cares with the environment of the planet through the "GEarth".

It is not enough to be omissive and "not to make the evil", it's necessary to make the good! ;D

Good luck (and have fun! ;)

Anaximandro Melo
"Brazilian Business/Linux User" since 1994.


p.s.: although I have _not received any feedback on the suggestions_, they *curiously* began to be implemented by 'The YouTube team'...


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