Can you imagine a completely new abc learning experience for your kids... ?

ABC Touch is an app for Android phones and tablets that helps the kids learning the alphabet and the numbers. Now, why would it be interesting to create something that already exists? Is there any place for innovation in such an app category?

There are many ways of teaching the alphabet. Flashcards, puzzles, drawing on top of the letter, recognition of letter by naming it, etc. Most of these methods come from real life learning games and have been integrated into mobile devices. We think there is a much better way to take profit of the touch screen capabilities built on these devices. This is why we have built an app that is able to teach the tracing of the letters by recognizing what drawing gestures should be done in each moment while the letter is being drawn.

ABC Touch is built thinking in the children. We know how difficult it is to keep the attention of your little girl / boy along all the letters of alphabet. That's why we included a set of special events such as kites, special shaped-clouds, rainbow appearig, balloon popping and what is most important, real letter drawing interaction.

Currently, ABC Touch is supporting four languages: English, German, French and Spanish. They are all four included in the same version of ABC Touch, which allows easy switching between them. If your language uses the same character codification as these ones and you would like to translate ABC Touch in your language please feel free to contact us.

This video shows an example with the first three letters of the alphabet:

(Youtube link to theĀ video)

We have really done a big effort to create this app and we really would like to know any comments or suggestions from your side. We hope you enjoy ABC Touch at least as much as we did writing it!

ABC Touch Team