Pick Up Instructions


2013 Seed Sale 
online store closed
Pick Up Saturday, October 19
8:30 a.m - 12:00 noon

at the Augusta County Government Center
18 Government Center Lane,
Verona, Virginia 24482

Information: ABCSeedSale@gmail.com

For a few weeks each year, the Augusta Bird Club takes orders for premium new crop bird seed, as well as some excellent feeders we have found in our personal experience to be outstanding. The seed is delivered to us by truck, and customers pick up the seed on a given dayFunds from the seed sale are used to promote education and conservation -- In particular, scholarships for young people to attend Nature Camp in Vesuvius, Virginia and support for conservation projects in the region.

On our product list this year are squirrel-busting bird feeders and suet cakes. As usual, we also offer our specially blended seed mix, the niger that finches love so much, waste-free peanuts and sunflower chips, and the black oil sunflower seeds that attracts so many species to your yard.

The Augusta Bird Club is a non-profit organization committed to education, conservation, and  advancing knowledge of birds, particularly those found in Augusta County, Virginia. Our annual bird seed sale is our major fundraiser. Orders must be placed in advance, with pickup only on the designated day. Delivery within Augusta County, or within 25 miles of the pick-up site, can be arranged for a nominal fee.