Preparing for Winter

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year, we get to enjoy our friends and family and celebrate the successes of the year.  We hope your Holidays have been safe and enjoyable.  

Along with the holidays comes cold weather.  Here are some thoughts to remember and help save you some money this winter season.  

Landlords, if your tenants are not paying for their own utilities, you might consider putting these tips in place and making sure your tenants understand what is expected.  This could save you hundreds or even thousands this year.

1. Wrap your Windows. 
Older homes (and even some newer ones) can benefit a lot this year by wrapping the windows in plastic.  Some estimate you will save $20/window annually.  I home with 20 windows could save $400 this winter!   

Turn down your thermostat.  
You can save about 3% off your heating bill for each degree you lower your thermostat.  If you lower your thermostat from 73 to 70 degrees, you could save  $100 this winter!  

Stop using Space Heaters.  
Electric heat can cost 2 to 3 times more to heat a space than gas.  

4. Turn on your ceiling Fan.  
As you heat your home, most of the heat goes up to the ceiling and stays there.  You can save an additional 10% annually if you use or install ceiling fans.