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Emergency Process for furnace outages
  1. Check the Fuses/Circuit Breakers for the furnace. Flip or replace as necessary.
  2. Try re-starting the furnace. There should be an ignition switch on the furnace. Push it. If none exists, try adjusting the thermostat.
  3. If the furnace still does not work, Call:
    • Furnace Repair Man (Affordable Refrigeration): 715-297-8917
Important: If the furnace outage was a mistake or caused by the tenant, the tenant will be pay to the landlord the cost of the service call plus a 10% service fee.
    • Landlord: (872) 222 - 7368

Other Emergency Processes

Electrical issues:
    1. Check the Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker.  It may have blown a fuse and needs to be replaced or the circuit may need to be flipped.
    2. Contact the Landlord: (872) 222 - 7368
Plumbing Issues:
    1. Turn off the water at the shutoff in the basement or closest to the leak
    2. Contact the Landlord: (872) 222 - 7368
Other Building Issues:
    1. Contact the Landlord: (872) 222 - 7368
Other Issues
    1. Contact 911
    2. Contact the Landlord when possible: (872) 222 - 7368