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If you want you can still call the system and give us feedback but for the moment there are no vouchers to be won. However, keep an eye (or ear?) out as we will probably run similar draws in the future when we start testing an updated version.

Thanks again. Make sure to head back as we will be updating it based on your feedback.

Edinburgh Info is a phone based restaurant finder system that holds short dialogues with callers in order to suggest restaurants based on location and cuisine. To enter the prize draw call Edinburgh Info a minimum of 4 times and each time try to find a different restaurant that you think sounds interesting.

Not enough time for 4 calls? - You can win with just one! click here

Call the system on  XXXX XXX XXX (local number - included in most inclusive minutes plans).
Or alternatively on XXXX XXX XXXX (free call from landlines but not mobiles).
Each call should take a maximum of 5 minutes. Once you've called it at least 4 times complete the short questionnaire below.

Feel free to call more than the minimum of 4 times, or repeat the study again after a couple of days.
The system is under constant development so please call back to see what's changed.


When you call use a phone that provides caller ID (CLID) as we need to be able to record the phone number of your call in order to match it to the short questionnaire. Most mobile phones and private landline naturally provide caller ID, however many company/university phones do not.

Please read the section on Data Collection & Privacy below. If you participate in this trial we will assume that you are happy with these arrangements.

The prize draw will close on at 12 midnight (GMT) on Sunday 18th December 2011 with winners being notified before 23rd December 2011. Each questionnaire that is submitted and can be associated with minimum of 4 valid calls will constitute one entry for the draw. If you have any questions please contact Paul Crook at Heriot-Watt University, email: p dot a dot crook at hw.ac.uk.


Data Collection & Privacy

Calls to the system are recorded and will be used for improving the system and for research. If we make any data captured by this system available to the wider research community it may well include the audio recordings of callers.

The system also captures the calling phone number (calling line identification or CLID). We will hold all phone numbers that the system captures in confidence and will never call back a captured number without the express permission of the line owner. If we make data captured by the system available to the wider research community any phone numbers contained in that data will be anonymised. Callers can block our receipt of caller identification, for example by dialling 141 before dialling the Edinburgh Info number. If you wish to do this please confirm details with your phone company. But remember you cannot be included in the prize draw as we rely on CLID to match up calls made with email addresses.

Email address collected through the above form will be kept in confidence and unless otherwise agreed only used for administration of the Amazon voucher prize draw. Callers who complete the questionnaire can opt to receive updates via email about significant improvements to the system.

Any questions please contact Paul Crook at Heriot-Watt University, email: p dot a dot crook at hw.ac.uk.
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