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Media Coverage of Groundbreaking Florida Collaborative Divorce

posted Sep 22, 2013, 4:56 PM by Adam Cordover   [ updated Sep 29, 2013, 8:09 AM ]

From L to R:  George Melendez, Tyler Nelson, Adam B. Cordover, Judge Laurel Lee, Joryn Jenkins, Pamela Burton, Jennifer Mockler, Monica Ospina
Attorney Adam B. Cordover participated in a case that turned out to be the first pro bono collaborative divorce ever completed in the State of Florida.  Cordover represented the Husband, Tyler Nelson.  Attorney Joryn Jenkins represented the Wife, Pamela Burton.  Jennifer Mockler, Ph.D., served as the Neutral Collaborative Facilitator, and Monica Ospina, C.P.A., took on the role of the Neutral Financial Professional.  Attorney George Melendez shadowed the case.

This case was part of a joint project of the Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay, Bay Area Legal Services, Hillsborough County Bar Association Collaborative Law Section, and Tampa Bay Collaborative Divorce Group.

Below are links to media coverage of the collaborative divorce:

Courtesy of Kim Hicks of Shutterbug Academy (From L to R: Monica Ospina, Adam B. Cordover, Tyler Nelson, Pamela Burton, Joryn Jenkins, and Jennifer Mockler)