This is the home page of my site


I started a series of videos!!! I'm playing console doom.wad!!!!


leave comments on the youtube comments thing.

Hi guys i'm back thanks cyraptor for the awsome thread! you finished it good job. you realy deserve a break from this lp stuff. not only was your thread great but your first thread was also great. you have compleated 2 threads and thats realy all you need to. if you want to do a duke 3d thread later on that would be awsome but you realy should take a break. and by the way happy birth day Rocsteady. ok I should have the fixed huge.wad uploaded by tonight. I'm thinking about doing my own sires of videos. I think i'll do the out cast leavels or soming. so if anybody is reading this please you should link people to the videos on one of the doom threads.


Ok I know that the video I uploaded was tarible and I didn't know anything about mock2 at the time, but I'm going to get fraps soon so I can make some real videos. I am going to uplaod cyraptor this is for you.wad "witch is a joke wad and is not ment to be taken seriously and a fixed verision of Huge.wad witch as Mister different pointed out has door that doesn't open because the linedef of the switch that opens it is fliped the wrong way. so by the time you see this I will have probible uploaded these 2 wads.

so guys I made an lp video! it's not vary good It's just of me playing mock 2 lol with fraps trial.I will upload it though. a am thinking of buying fraps and making videos with that. you must be saying "ohh your not a goon you can't make lp videos. will if you want to coment on one of my videos just use google video's coments thing.

hi guys sorry I have'nt been working on the site but josh and the seagulls is here!!!

Zombie village is here!

hello again I gess you all know the wepons and monsters in doom so i will not put

a list of them no my site untill i have alot of time to waist

and mister different I just wanted to tell your comentarey is great

and so is rockstedy's

hello everyone I just wanted to let you know that I am working on the site

Ok I am back

I made a videos page with all my google videos

no I forgot one of them but I will link you to it here


this is my bosco video of bosco (my dog) chewing on a bone.

I also rearanged my news stuff so that the newer news is on top.

please email me if you find this site.

contact me at josh.b.murphy@gmail.com if you have a question,

sugestion (forgive me if I spelled that wrong) or a complaint or if you Just found the site as I said before.

Hello everyone I hope someone has fownd my site. If you did e mail me and

if you didn't than well than you wouldn't be reading this. anyway this is Josh

and I am going to try to keep adding a news thing every time I update the site.

I do know how to program html files so don't think I don't.

I am thinking about makeing everything myself and not using google page creator.

If you see this and you work at google I have some sugestions.

#1. When you press enter it should put one space instead of double spaces

#2. You should have a way to insert a background image

ok so I have added some more wads and I will post matt's final vertion of zombie village.

It's a great wad with tons of action and nazi killing but thare is an erorr in the last map (map10) but you can

ignore it. I will add doom enemies wepons and items pages soon and than I will do the same for quake and half life

and stuff. I will have more news soon.

PS. when I said matt I was talking about Matt mills and not Matt dow.

Matt dow is so annoying!!!!!

Ok I am Josh I am makeing a site about video games a stuff like that

PS. matt dow is a tard head seeHello!!!!!!!for more info.