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Environmentally Safe Cleaning Supplies

environmentally safe cleaning supplies
    environmentally safe
  • Flexible polyurethane foam processed with no auxiliary blowing agents.
    cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning agents and small cleaning equipment used in the cleaning of guestrooms and public areas in the hotel.
environmentally safe cleaning supplies - Laudry System
Laudry System - Detergent Free Cleaning Action, Economical, Environmentally Safe and Very Easy To Use!
Laudry System - Detergent Free Cleaning Action, Economical, Environmentally Safe and Very Easy To Use!
Save Time, Eliminate Potentially Toxic Chemicals From Your Home & Make Your Life Much Easier In Doing the Traditionally Tedious Task Of Laundry! COMPLETELY REUSABLE!... One package of two laundry balls can be used over and over again and even come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty! POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE!... Detergent free cleaning action, economical, environmentally safe and very easy to use! CHEMICAL-FREE!...Great For Infants, Children and People With Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies. Eliminate Chemical Related Health Problems By Eliminating the Chemicals. Get Dangerous and Potentially Fatal Chemicals Away From Your Children and Pets and Out Of Your Home. MAY INCREASE LIFE OF FABRICS!...No Breakdown In the Tensile Strength Of Fabrics From Harsh Chemicals. Your Clothes May Last Longer! CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE!...Just Place Them In Your Washer & Turn It On. No Heavy and Expensive Detergents To Lug From The Store, and No More Messy Chemical Spills In the Laundry Room

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Clear Blue Water
Clear Blue Water
Promoting the use of tap water as a safe, clean, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water Despite growing evidence of the environmental damage caused by the bottled water industry, large numbers of consumers continue to prefer bottled water to the safe, clean drinking water available from their kitchen tap. Many are swayed by the sophisticated advertising campaigns, which consistently promote bottled water as a lifestyle ‘must-have’. The Thames ‘Water Carrier’ is designed to redress the balance by making tap water attractive, desirable and convenient. The concept is based on the notion that the packaging of water alters the perception of it in terms of lifestyle and taste. The design references both bottled waters and kitchen appliances to create a fresh, playful design language, removed from the tap and sink. The automatic dispenser connects directly to the water supply and sits on the kitchen surface. Paired with the flasks, this acts as a visual reminder to fill and take your own and encourages the perception of speed and convenience. The ‘Thames Water’ branding may also endear itself to the growing number of ‘green consumers’, allowing them to signal that their health-conscious attitude applies to the world, at large. Georgina Manning georgenicman@hotmail.com
Wheelabrator Westchester Waste to Energy Facility in Peekskill New York.
Wheelabrator Westchester Waste to Energy Facility in Peekskill New York.
Located in Peekskill, New York, the Wheelabrator Westchester waste-to-energy facility provides dependable, environmentally safe disposal of municipal solid waste for Westchester County, while generating clean, renewable electricity for sale to the local utility. Designed, constructed and operated by Wheelabrator, Wheelabrator Westchester processes up to 2,250 tons per day of municipal solid waste. Wheelabrator Westchester has an electrical generating capacity of 60,000 kilowatts; the equivalent of supplying the electrical needs of 88,000 New York homes

environmentally safe cleaning supplies
environmentally safe cleaning supplies
FatCat Ecoballs Green Eco Laundry Balls
Eco Laundry Balls replace traditional laundry detergent in your washing machine. They are simple to use, effective, and an economical way to care for your clothes, your washing machine, and your environment. Simply place Eco Laundry Balls in your wash instead of detergent and unleash ionic cleaning power to deeply penetrate into clothing fibers to lift away dirt without fading bright colors. They are safe, hypoallergenic, and offer the perfect solution for babies, children and people with sensitive skin.

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