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The main site for the Andalucia Bird Society is now on the following link:



All updates and latest information is now on our main site, so please visit our new site. On the main site is also the link to our open and free to join forum.



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Nature Photography
A great site for bird photos. Pieter Verheij, a contributor to the photos on this site, has his own website and likes talking birds with anyone interested.

A very warm welcome to ABS
The Andalucia Bird Society was formed in 2008 by a group of keen people including, amongst others Andy Paterson, Pieter Verheij, Robert Holden, John Cantelo and Peter Jones. Before that birding in Andalucia had been uncoordinated, the only provincial focal point being privately produced papers and a collection of records appearing in localised groups of national societes.

The objectives of the ABS have always been:

To record and study wild birds in Andalucia
To assist in the preservation of wild birds in Spain
To encourage by use of meetings, outings, books and other ways:
1. The study of birds in the field and ornithological science in general.
2. The education of the general public and its members in ornithological science and the need for the protection of wild birds and their habitats.

Membership entitles you to a free quarterly newsletter and a free copy of the Andalucia Bird Report. You also get a chance to attend our Annual Conference during 
the year as well as our AGM in June, where you will
enjoy talks by international and local speakers. As a
member you can take part in over 12 outings a year
to various parts of Andalucia, plus nearby provinces. 

Our outings are led by expert birders and are designed
to help both beginners and experts improve their bird
watching skills. We also have a programme of
conservation working parties providing practical help
to improve important bird habitats in Andalucia.

A key role for the Society is to collect and hold the records of birds recorded in Andalucia.  It is hoped our database will hold sufficient records for the data to be used widely by conservation organisations, local government bodies, academics and commercial consultants. As a member you have the opportunity to participate in the Andalucia elements of national bird surveys, and to have your own bird records incorporated into our annual Andalucia Bird Report.

For details on how to become a member of the Andalucia Bird Society please visit the Join ABS page. It is the many and varied birding interests of the membership that gives the ABS its strength and continuity, so everyone, beginner or expert, are welcome to join.