Cyrus Persian Carpets

cyrus persian carpets
    persian carpets
  • The Persian carpet (Pahlavi bobNouri-Zadeh, Sh., Persian Carpet; The Beautiful Picture of Art in History Persian fars ???, meaning "to spread" and qali)Savory, R., Carptes,(Encyclopaedia Iranica); accessed January 30, 2007. is an essential part of Persian art and culture.
  • A carpet or rug woven in Iran in a traditional design incorporating stylized symbolic imagery, or made elsewhere in such a style
  • Cyrus the Great figures in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) as the patron and deliverer of the Jews. He is mentioned twenty-three times by name and alluded to several times more.
  • This is a listing of notable characters from the video game Chrono Trigger, a console role-playing game released in 1995 by Square Co. (now Square Enix) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game console.
  • (died 401 bc), Persian prince; known as Cyrus the Younger. On the death of his father, Darius II, in 405 bc, Cyrus led an army of mercenaries against his elder brother, who had succeeded to the throne as Artaxerxes II
  • Persian prince who was defeated in battle by his brother Artaxerxes II (424-401 BC)
cyrus persian carpets - Cyrus: Mind
Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer
Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer
Ambitious television reporter Maria Sanchez (Danielle Harris of Rob Zombie's Halloween, Hatchet 2) is investigating the disappearance of over 200 Midwestern University students when a local man (Lance Henriksen of Aliens) contacts her with information that reveals details of the serial killer and his crimes: His name is Cyrus (a chilling performance by Brian Krause of ''Charmed'') and the murders themselves were brutal. What happened next was horrific but the worst is still to come. Based on shocking true events, this bloody and brutal story of the 'The County Line Cannibal' will leave a taste in your mouth that you'll never forget.

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carpet museum, Tehran: oldest design
carpet museum, Tehran: oldest design
This carpet was in fact woven based on the pattern of the piece of the oldest Persian carpet found in central Asia. The original carpet was a royal gift from the king of Iran, known as Parthia (before cyrus) to the king of Saka nearly 2500 years ago. It is interesting to see how their surounding nature affected their design. Yet, they also created abstract forms such as the squares.
Day 8: Pasargadae Audience Hall
Day 8: Pasargadae Audience Hall
Pasargadae was the capital that Cyrus the Great built starting in 546 BCE. Needless to say it was quite amazing to be here. I never realized that Persian carpets were actual depictions of the garden that is Persia in spring.

cyrus persian carpets
cyrus persian carpets
Cyrus [Blu-ray]
John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill and Oscar® Winner Marisa Tomei star in this quirky, hilarious story about love, family and cutting the cord. Not-so-recently divorced John (Reilly) thinks he’s finally found the perfect woman when he meets the sweet and sexy Molly (Tomei). There’s just one problem – Molly’s son Cyrus (Hill) clings to his mom like lint on a T-shirt, and he’s not about to let another man come between them. It’s one hysterically awkward moment after another as John and Cyrus fight for the right to be Molly’s #1 man.

Mumblecore auteurs the Duplass brothers (Baghead, The Puffy Chair) dip their toes in the precarious waters of Hollywood by casting well-known actors in Cyrus. But their devotion to clumsy, uncomfortable people remains: John (John C. Reilly, Step Brothers) has barely left his apartment in the seven years since Jamie (Catherine Keener, Lovely & Amazing) divorced him, so Jamie demands he come to a party--where, miraculously, he meets Molly (Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler), who seems like the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, Molly comes with some baggage: her 22-year-old son, Cyrus (Jonah Hill, Superbad). To say Molly and Cyrus are close is an understatement, and John finds himself in a battle of wills with Molly as the prize. The Duplass brothers seek a kind of cinematic simplicity--to call it purity would be too highbrow for these aggressively pedestrian filmmakers--and when it works, it brings the viewer in intimate contact with life in its ordinary, essential glory. When it doesn't work, it's just dull. Despite its flatfooted plot, Cyrus works pretty well. The higher caliber of the cast helps--Reilly, Tomei, Hill, and Keener are all excellent, and much of the movie is genuinely funny. Don't expect elegance, but sometimes, something plain can please. --Bret Fetzer

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