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5 Senses - Grade K

My Five Senses

Field Based Lesson Plan


Lesson Identification & Learning Goal


Prepared by: Abby Caulkins

Name of CT: Amy Chavez

Date (lesson planned): 10/13/09

Date (To be taught): 11/11/09

Curriculum Material Sources: N/A


Unit Title: Five Senses

Lesson Title: Exploring Our Classroom Using Our Senses

Grade Level: Kindergarten


Learning Goals:

§         Science Process:

o       S.IP.00.11 Make purposeful observation of the natural world using the appropriate sense (Michigan Science Grade Level Content Expectations, 2009)

§         Related Main Ideas (K-4 Science Grade Level Content Expectations Companion Document, 2009)

·        The five senses include sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

·        We use our senses to observe and better understand our surroundings such as seeing to know what the classroom around us looks like and how to maneuver in it.

·        We do not use all of our senses each time we observe something because not all senses are required (or safe) to use in every situation.

§         Related Practices

·        Students conduct observations of their classroom using their five senses.

·        Students identify what sense(s) they used to observe particular objects.

·        Students identify what sense(s) they did not use to observe and object and why.

o       S.IA.00.13 Communicate and present findings of observations (Michigan Science Grade Level Content Expectations, 2009)

§         Related Main Ideas

·        After we conduct an observation we need to be able to share our findings with others communicate our ideas and findings and receive feedback.

·        There are many different ways we can communicate our findings such as oral presentations, charts, and books.

·        We can have discussions about our findings or we can create a document that represents them.

§         Related Practices

·        Students hold small and large group discussions about their findings.

·        Students discuss various ways that they could share their information with others.

·        Students create a document (i.e. book, chart, etc.) to share their findings.


§         Michigan Educational Technology Standards

o       PK-2.CC. Communication and Collaboration - By the end of Grade 2nd each student will:

§         1. work together when using digital tools (e.g., word processor, drawing, presentation software) to convey ideas or illustrate simple concepts relating to a specified project

§         2. use a variety of developmentally appropriate digital tools (e.g., word processors, paint programs) to communicate ideas to classmates, families, and others

Central Question for Lesson:


What things do I observe in my classroom and what sense from my body do I use to examine them? (How do my senses help me understand my world?


Activity Sequence

  • Activity 1:
    • Brainstorm the senses, what they are used for and corresponding body parts – record on chalkboard
    • Discuss general observations/patterns/examples for using our senses
    • Introduction to making a classroom big book of our observations of the classroom using our senses – discuss creating a Wiki and  the importance of being able to share our observations
  • Activity 2:
    • Take a walk around the classroom/hallway. Have students pay attention to Brainstorm what we can observe around us using our senses. End back at group area.
    • Discuss what we can hear, see, smell, feel, and taste – what can we not…?
  • Activity 3:
    • Discuss the observations the students made on their walk.
    • Write on whiteboard observations that students make for each of the senses
    • Talk about what senses can be combined to observe our classroom
    • Make list of observations that the class would like to include in the book to share with others.
    • Assign/take volunteers for each of the listed observations.
    • Pass out needed materials
    • Have students record their observations on paper in the form of a drawing/words.
    • Collect materials when finished.
    • Sample drawings:


  • Activity 4:
  • Take students to computer lab.
  • Have discussion on why we need to share our findings with others.
  • Using the Smartboard introduce Wikis and how we can use them to share our findings about the senses
  • On the Smartboard work with the students to create a simple Wiki that they can use to share their findings with their friends and family when they are at home.
  • Talk about how they can also edit it at home with their parents to add things that they observed in their homes using their senses.
  • Sample Wiki Page Design



    Please Visit my Sample Wiki for this project: