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  •  City of Slaves / Galactic Minds: Torth Book 1  Approx. 120,000 words, complete Five humans are torn from their ordinary lives and forced to survive on another world, ruled by mind readers, where keeping a secret can mean death.  Dark science fiction.
  •  Land of Hope: Torth Book 2  Approx. 96,000 words, complete.  After escaping slavery in the alien city ruled by mind readers known as the Torth, the group of fugitives must continue to hide and survive on an alien world. 
  •  The Dead City: Torth Book 3  Approx. 126,000 words, completed in 2009.  Hunted by the powerful mind readers known as the Torth, the group of fugitives discover a secret society that can help them fight back instead of hiding.
  •  World of Wreckage: Torth Book 4  Approx. 110,000 words, completed in 2010.  The group of escaped slaves and criminals defy the powerful mind readers known as Torth, causing a chain reaction of destruction and war. 
  •  Galaxy at War: Torth Book 5 Approx. 125,000 words, first draft completed in 2013. Runaway slaves and rebels fight the galactic Torth Empire.  One book remains to be written after this in the Torth series.
  •  Untitled: Torth Book 6 Outlined. Final volume in the Torth series.
  •  The Illusionist   Approx. 58,000 words, completed in 2001.  Young Adult /Science Fantasy.  An impoverished girl teams up with a foreign businessman to defeat their mutual enemies and restore her family's status.  Unpublished.
  •  The Torth Resurgence  -- Science Fiction/Fantasy.  Approx. 113,000 words, abandoned in 1998. Two friends become heroes in parallel universes, and when they are reunited, they can no longer tolerate each other.
  •  Summer of Fire   Approx. 30,000 words, abandoned in 2008.  A young aristocrat loses his family, wealth, and status all in one night, and seeks revenge. 
  •  Sarah's Secrets   Completed in the early 1990s at the age of 12.  An outcast boy discovers he has powers and an alien heritage, and saves the universe.  Unpublished.
  •  Salt Water   Completed in the early 1990s at the age of 12.  An outcast boy discovers his deformed half-brother living in the basement of his mansion, and must save his most hated classmate from being devoured. Unpublished.


  • Darwin's Gap -- Animation, work-in-progress, 2013.  In the town of Darwin's Gap, where animals are civilized, the herbivores and carnivores in 8th grade have a problem with each other.
  •  Eden  -- ScifFi Thriller.  100 pages, completed in 2005, awaiting time for revisions.  A team of explorerers on a newly settled planet become host bodies for intelligent alien parasites. 




Abby is a graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop and the California Institute of the Arts.  She works as a 2D and 3D animator in the video game industry.