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I have been fortunate to work with other artists on projects large and small around the US.  In 2003 I worked with Helmick and Schechter Studio on Exquisite Corpse, an installation of 19 stained glass panels installed in the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Each of the nineteen pieces depicts a cross-section of the human body  complete with muscle, bone, fat and organs.  When seen individually each piece is a model of light and color set in a steel frame.  When the nineteen pieces are looked at as a whole the come together to form a human male lying on his back.

In 2010 I worked with Helmick again on a piece entitled Heart and Soul that consists of 44 glass panels for the Oregon Institute of Technology. 
Each panel consists of macro imagery, abstract silver lines running through the piece, and micro imagery, individual scenes and diagrams. When seen from a distance the macro imagery of all the pieces comes together to create the form of a heart and a mind. Each micro image has something to do with either the science conducted in the building; molecules, x-ray tubes, vertebrae, or something to do with Oregon; the Oregon spotted frog, the short-nosed sucker fish, plate tectonics.