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Water Lines Exhibition

Water Lines was conceived in response to my experience as a refugee after my home in New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  After the storm I became totally dependent on the help and charity of others.  In the space of 40 days I stayed in 17 different beds in 7 different states.  I stayed with family and friends, acquaintances and total strangers.  I stayed with people I never wanted to leave, and places I couldn't get away from fast enough. 

Some people offered me a place to stay because they loved me and wanted to help.  Some people offered because they felt obligated to.  One woman offered me a night in a bed because her mother had just died and it made her feel better to be able to reach out to someone else.  Or maybe it was just to have someone around who was is a worse place than she. I stayed with loved ones who made me feel comforted, and loved ones who made me feel tense.  I stayed with people who expected gratitude in large doses and others who I never even met.

My work explores this relationship between dependent and giver as personified by teapots and teacups.  In these relationships I am the cup, the person providing me shelter the teapot. 

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