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There is something about a glass pumpkin that is simply captivating.  The color, the form, the juxtaposition of the organic with the non-organic.

I learned to make pumpkins at MIT with the folks from BAGI (The Bay Area Glass Institute) in 2000.  For four years I helped coordinate the MIT PumpkinPatch with more than 40 glass blowers and over 1300 blown glass pumpkins.  In 2006 I started a Pumpkin Patch at SIUC in Carbondale, Illinois for the glass program there. 

In 2010 I founded the Bloomington Glass Guild and held the 1st annual Great Glass Pumpkin Patch. We had 12 people working together to make over 200 pumpkins. This year we hope to make it to 300!

But I don't make the pumpkins alone.  To see pumpkin making in action check out the Bloomington Creative Glass Center- How to make a pumpkin.