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Painted Glass

The history of glass painting goes back almost as far as glass blowing itself.  Modern advances in glass enamels have led to paints that can be heated to over 2000 degrees, or the temperature at which one blows glass.  I work in both the medieval style of low temperature enamel painting known as Grasaille, and the more modern techniques of incorporating painted images with blown glass. 

Many of my influences are the stories of my childhood.  Baba Yaga, the Russian witch who travels the world in her mortar and pestle looking for children to eat.  Montezuma, the last Aztec ruler who became associated with the dreaded condition Montezuma's Revenge.  I am also influenced by the sites and sounds around me.  New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  My garden and the magic that happens under the ground out of sight.