Abby L. Braitman, Ph.D.

Old Dominion University
Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Applied Experimental Psychology, Old Dominion University, 2012 (Quantitative Emphasis)
Psychology, Old Dominion University, 2007
Psychology, University of Maryland, 2003
Research Interests:
My focus is on risky health behaviors among emerging adults, particularly heavy episodic alcohol use by college students. My interest is in exploring the etiology of risk behaviors as well as developing techniques to strengthen and extend effects for interventions directed at harm reduction.  Specifically, I am interested in identifying technology-based techniques easily adoptable at institutions for mass implementation.  Additionally, I am interested in quantitative methods, specifically longitudinal data analysis and approaches to accommodate substance use outcomes (particularly structural equation modeling).
My curriculum vitae can be found here.
Undergraduate Courses:
Experimental Psychology (Research Methods)
Quantitative Methods (Statistics)
Introduction to Psychology
Graduate Courses: 
Program Evaluation
Statistics & Research Methods I (Lab instructor for ANOVA aspect to general linear model)
Statistics & Research Methods II (Lab instructor for Regression aspect to general linear model)
My teaching philosophy can be found here.
Contacting Abby:
Email me at abraitma<at>odu<dot>edu
Abby L. Braitman
Rm132-B, Mills Godwin Building
Psychology Department
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529-0267

Abby Braitman,
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