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Students registered on recognized courses and who are undertaking music therapy related projects are invited to post material related to their project to an associated blog (see below).  You have to be registered to post, but constructive comments are open to all.


The intention is that students across various institutions can share ideas, information, inspiration, materials and encouragement.   Dissertations may be uploaded once the project is complete.


The Abbotson Trust intends to award an annual prize to the project which it considers as the best project of the year!

No material relating to the practices of particular institutions should be posted (e.g. project module structures, timetables etc) and client confidentiality should be respected at all times.


If your institution has agreed to sponsor a blog, please enter your material into that blog.  Follow the link below to see who to contact to register for it.  You will normally be allocated an Abbotson Account to post your material.


Alternatively contact to register for the open blog.


See this user guide to see how to make posts and to add martial such as Youtube videos and sound examples.